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Search Value helps you design marketing programs that help you leverage the power of YouTube as marketing medium with millions of unique audience at a single place

YouTube Marketing Services

Consider the fact that YouTube has over 800 million unique visitors each month and over 3 billion hours of videos are watched each month on YouTube. From these, you can easily estimate the potential of video content marketing and YouTube as a marketing medium. No other platform offers you an audience so large with diverse backgrounds and geographies at one place.

Why YouTube for your Brand?

Since visuals are more appealing than the audio or plain text, video content can help you in gaining more space in the minds of your target audience. All you need is to create messages that are easy to understand and appealing to the masses.

Our YouTube Offerings

Search Value helps you tapping the potential visual attention of your target audience through visual retention process of

Create > Share > Engage > Measurement

Create: We help you create interactive and appealing visual content that is rich in information and has entertainment quotient with potential for sharing and going viral.

Share: We help in promotion of your content by sharing among the target group through our social roadmaps. We help you in generating the initial buzz among the target group about your visual content and encourage sharability

Engage: We engage the audience to not only share the content but also to talk about it. User feedback is the driving force that helps the content to spread virally.

Measurement: We not only make your visual content popular or help you gain the mind space of your target audience; we also measure the impact of the content! Through our effective measurement tools we help you in achieving your marketing objectives of:

Our YouTube marketing services not only helps you in gaining attention among your target group, but also helps you in reaching beyond boundaries of trivial marketing channels- to a wider range of target audience through the intermeshed network of Social Media


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