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Online Media Planning Services

Internet has proved to be a marketing avenue where timing and targeting converges. Never before was a platform that provided so much flexibility for advertisers in terms of targeting, timing and customer segmentation. People are now free to interact across various verticals which allow advertisers to market their offerings across these verticals allowing better exposure for products and services. Contact and conversion has been instant in online media along with unmatched efficiency and accuracy in terms of customer targeting.

These aspects have made online media the most sort after marketing medium in today’s competitive environment which in turn have raised the bars for effective online media planning quite significantly. Availability of large spectrum of channels and platforms also add complexity to the situation.

Our online media planning services have been successful in tackling these complexities and have been able to create media plans that have delivered unprecedented results. Our online media planning is different from traditional media planning for channels like TV as these are centered around creative and innovative ideas for creating best points of engagement and interaction for customers. Our online media planning services typically includes following phases:


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