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Better Content Design > Better SEO Results

Our proven information architecture and content design services help you achieve better SEO results and improve overall user experience to reduce bounce rate and improve conversions

Information Architecture and Content Design Services

Keyword ranking in search engines cannot be considered as sole criteria for measuring success of a SEO campaign. A successful SEO program should provide measurable results like leads from web forms to be considered as success. But website leads cannot result just from the traffic coming to your website, you also need careful and accurate information architect and content design to keep the visitors engaged and compels them to fill the form

Our integrated SEO programs also include consultancy services for information architecture and content design to help you improve performance of your SEO campaign. The same is also available as standalone service. This service focuses on identifying and organizing the available information in a purposeful, service oriented and easily accessible manner. The objective here is make requisite and relevant information easily accessible for the audience

Information architecture and content design is basically related to website design and includes following components:

Precise information architecture and content design always requires inputs from all stakeholders associated with website design and development process including development team, graphic designers, content developers and technical team. Search Value works closely with all stakeholders to deliver a consistently organized and coherent architecture for your website and provide your users an unmatched experience

We understand the need and complexities of a relevant and intelligent information architecture and content design. Our experts with extensive experience in designing and information architecture help you form that requisite digital landscape for your business to showcase your products and offerings in most effective manner.


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