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Our proven Google PPC Advertising campaigns have helped our clients in bringing down their Cost per Click rates significantly yes maintaining high Conversion rates to deliver effective RoI

Google Advertising Services(PPC)

PPC ads are instant way of getting prominent placements in search engines and companies are spending incredible “marketing budget” to get best possible positions in search engines. But they come with the risks of overpayment or insufficient ROI. Running a successful PPC campaign not just requires the right strategy, it requires experience and precise eye for details and we have got all!

Returns on a successful Paid Advertising Campaign are amazing when managed professionally. We ensure that your paid advertising campaigns are highly targeted and accountable for all the expenses. We monitor results, place strategic bids and deliver quality leads at a very competitive ROI. Along with strategic bids, well written and placed ads and proper selection of advertising channels has been a key to success for our PPC Campaigns.

Our approach is not to drive traffic to your website; we work to deliver you quality leads. Leads that can be converted to customers. Our service is based on knowledge and expertise, an experience spanning over four years with an approach that is both proactive and reactive, with demonstrated success at all levels.

We employ a conversion driven approach, an approach that aims to give you best possible ROI for your marketing budget. Our consumer behavior experts help you select the right set of keywords which are researched based on the buying behavior of your consumers and search engine trends. And supplemented by effective and optimized ads and landing pages and regular monitoring and optimization of campaigns we ensure that you get amazing results.

Your PPC campaign is managed by professional Google certified Adwords and Analytics experts who works closely with your team to ensure campaign is delivering requisite returns. Our campaigns also have requisite SEO components integrated into the campaign to ensure better results. An overview of our PPC process is depicted in picture below


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