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Web Content Going The Mobile Way
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Website are getting more Mobiles savvy these days – A review

Smartphone retailers need to wise up on an essential factual detail: smartphone buyers are likelier to buy your product if you run a web site that is mobile specific. And they need to wise up real quick.

A recent market survey throws up a rather interesting infographic in this context: Less than 5% retailers run web sites. Period. The ratio is even more dismal when you consider how many of them are mobile-specific incorporating the best mobile SEO practices. Retailers who don’t have web sites should know that over 50% buyers first consult web sites before going on to buy. These retailers would also do well to look at an April 2011study conducted by Google with regard to smartphone consumers.
The researchers at Google came up with some rather interesting facts and figures. They established that 81% consumers surfed the net through their smartphones while 77% actively searched using them. Most consumers used their smartphones as desktop extensions anyway.

Hmm… a pretty high number, what? And a pretty good reason to float a web site and adopting impressive – or at least effective – site optimization practices.
If you happen to be a smartphone vendor or retailer, simply consider this: mobile usage has proliferated beating all predictions. And also that 90% searches end up in some kind of proactive behavior including shopping or least visiting. Small wonder marketers are now considering allocating the lion’s share of their budgets to mobile advertising.

Many web site owners, who currently have their content in HTML form, are now considering making their sites more mobile friendly. As in all web advertising, mobile-friendly web sites too cannot do without Search Engine Optimization. Keyword-rich content, therefore, is a much-sought element.

Businesses owners who also maintain web sites are now looking at their client profile more discerningly. Why? In order to determine, of course, how many of their clients are mobile phone users. Also, how many of them use their smartphones to surf the net. Those who end up with a higher ratio don’t rest content with making their web sites ‘mobile friendly’. They make their sites ‘mobile dedicated’, that is, they construct their sites keeping their mobile-using clients in view. Obviously, things like screen real estate would be smaller for mobile use.

Thanks to advancements in (digital) technology, most of the time you won’t need to have different URLs for the same web site content.

Site owners would also need to format their content somewhat differently. And last, but not the least, the importance of testing ‘mobile content’ cannot be denied.

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