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Twitter to go the Zynga Way?
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Twitter adopting gaming giant’s league

Most marketing gurus – even web ones – swear by the validity of subscription and advertising as the main forces that drive marketing and, ultimately, rake in the revenues. For a company that turned mainstream a year or two ago and which has raised funds worth $ 1 billion, Twitter has done well without, apparently, a business model in place. So, how does this modest micro-blogging service make its money? While its founders, Dorsey, Williams, and Stone have abhorred the use of banner advertising they made a smart move by tying up with search engine biggies like Google and Bing and also by getting mega corporations to pay for the unique services offered by Twitter.

And now an unnamed birdie claims that the social networking site is all set to take up a different monetizing route. What it is about to do is integrate games and applications a la Facebook. That too by third party game developers. Does the scenario sound familiar? Yes, you bet. Think of Zynga that has lately become popular riding on the back of the social networking titan, Facebook. The ever-growing legion of Farmville and City Ville gaming fans, who are also registered with Twitter, have something to look forward to in the shape of alternatives. Does this mean that soon Zynga-like features are likely to appear on Twitter?  Well perhaps, or then perhaps not. No one is saying anything at the Twitter end for the moment. Only time will tell, to quote a well-known and oft repeated cliché.

To be sure, Twitter has been on an integrating drive with other developers. Apple Inc, which has lately released the most updated beta of it forthcoming iOS 5 operating system includes, among its features Twitter integration. What this means is that users are able to now send directly from apps Tweets using a new ‘Tweet sheet’. What is more, the new application allows for URL shortening, character counting and hosting photographs among other things.

But now Twitter wants more. More of the gaming pie, that is. And why not? Companies selling virtual games seem to have taken off in a big way, Zynga being a case in point. As everybody knows, this start up is offering the largest internet stock ever. One of its games, Farmville, attracts more than 30 million players on a day to day basis.

Perhaps Twitter will go the Zynga way. Or perhaps it will launch a new initiative. Let’s wait and see.

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