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The Future of Social Media Services
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

With the end in the 2012 marketing season, we are all gearing up for the coming year. This year, we have already used the platforms and tools for B2B and B2C. But, now we need to change the techniques for getting more effective results. There are many questions on marketer’s mind: What will be the new strategies? How to execute them? Budget?, etc. For getting the answers, check out the social media glossary and plan out your 2013 social media marketing strategies accordingly.

Social CRM

If your business is on a social platform, make sure that you utilize it for better development. Social CRM has applications for customer support, market research, brand reputation management and idea management. Make proper plans; prepare the staff for handling customer service inquiries. Make the best use of Social CRM services, technology and techniques to engage the customer in a cooperative conversation.


Mobile phones are no longer used just for making calls, the SoMo (social mobile) have emerged with new marketing strategies. Smart phones help in keeping all the information. You can stay connected with anyone; make internet searches, calls, text messaging, etc. However, more people are using these Smartphone; you have to think of better mobile marketing techniques. Use them for promoting your business; get engaged with more customers, use video and photo marketing strategies.

The future

The future of social media is in our hands, we can create digital brands via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blogging and Pinterest. In the coming year, the mass media and social media will get more integrated with different platforms and devices. Customers will use more SoMo services; you will find an increase in the connections and communications. Customers will keep creating new profiles; even small groups will emerge for brand identity on social networks. The most important thing is to take innovative steps by utilizing all the tools of social media marketing.

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