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Social Media Marketing: Advantages and disadvantages of this popular mode
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Social media marketing is becoming very popular; it is one of the best ways to convey messages to the targeted customers in the competitive market. This method has many advantages and disadvantages, and it’s very important to know the right way to use this mode. There are many social media experts who offer these services for evaluating the business requirements.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the most popular platforms used for doing social media marketing. They offer various options like creating page, character posts, etc. Even blog options are available for spreading detailed information about the specific product or service. Every business can promote itself by using these platforms. It’s essential to know all techniques so that better results can be achieved through social media marketing.

Social Media Platforms


Social media marketing is very cost effective; most of these platforms are free to access. One can easily create profiles, share information to the target market without spending much cash. The best part is that the target audience, who is interested in the specific products or services, joins or follows the site. Some sites offer pay-per-click advertisements and help in reaching correct audience. Thus, through social media marketing, information can be shared with the larger number of people at a very short span of time.


The biggest disadvantage of social media marketing is that it needs frequent updates. It’s very important to have experts who can handle this medium. Information regarding products and services should be updated time to time; new ideas should be used for better publicity otherwise the marketing fails. This process of updating is a continuous process; duplicity should be avoided as it’s unacceptable in media world. Overall, if updates are not done on time by using right keywords, the marketing process cannot take place.

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