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SEO Myths
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Being an Internet Marketing Company we frequently deal with many webmasters for their SEO related issues & sometime we really feel surprised to know their perceptions about SEO. There are so many misconceptions in the market. In today’s post we are highlighting those common myths which are prevailing in this industry.

Come….. let us participate & uncover some of the commonly misunderstood truths of SEO industry.

W3C Validation is necessary to rank high. It would not be fare to deny the merits of W3C validation as it says that you comply with specific HTML standards. it checks the mark up language for proper syntax, help us to make the code very clean & clear, increased understanding of web semantics etc. but validation is in no way a guarantee of high search engine rankings. In fact Matt Cutts has also confirmed that Google Algorithm has nothing to do with W3C standards when it comes to ranking of the web pages. In fact when you put your page into a validator and it comes back with hundreds of errors you may be looking for trouble, however if you can get it down to handful of errors, it might not be worth the time obsessing over those last few details.

Though as far as coding is concerned then we should make it very clear that the site is crawlable to search engines as per their quality guidelines.

The more links the better: People generally believe that they can get the top positions if they purchase high no. of links means the more the links number better will be ranking. But this is really NOT true. Links quality is the most important factor in getting the top position. Many links from non relevant or bad sites or directories can actually harm your rankings but if you have quality links from relevant & authoritative sites or directories then it can do wonders for you.

There are thousands of Search Engines to submit the site: This is again a big fallacy which is created by some spammers or service providers to take the money from webmasters by exaggerating the numbers. If 1000’s exists then even all will not be there for you.

They normally commit to “Submit your website to 85 bazillion search engines for only $50″ or alike.

Submitting your site multiple times with automated software to a search engine does not improve your chances of ranking well. If you really want to target the majority of people over the net then Google, Yahoo! , MSN, AOL or one of about 10 different search engines will be the correct answer. With well over 98% of all searches being conducted on the top 15 engines

SEO is a One Time activity: Normally people think that SEO is a one time activity & once their site is optimized then it will be at top forever, but this is not the case. SEO is a continuous process. We need to work out continuously on the site to beat the competition & stay ahead as Search Engines update their database regularly & sites ranking varies as per their performance.

Pay-per-click or paid impression programs can harm search rankings: PPC & SEO are two entirely different things & not related with each other.

SEO firms can guarantee for top rankings: No, no one can take the guarantee for any specific rankings on Google. No one has control over Google algorithm though we can make your site highly search engines friendly as per their defined guidelines & can promote it thru various ethical marketing techniques. We can only give you a fair idea about the improvements in ranking on the basis of our several years of experience in this industry & wok on various projects.

SEO is easy & can be done by reading books or article on the internet: Articles & books can give you basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. On the other hand SEO is not simple and it required regular hard work & practice. We need to update us with the latest buzz and making changes, strategy making, deep analysis of campaign and keep eyes on competitor. If a beginner can do this all then he/she can manage his/her campaign easily.

SEO is not just the about the updates, Google alerts and algorithm. It’s about changing the marketing strategies according new updates and then implement then to make the site user as well as search engine friendly.

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