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SEO fundamentals to get your site started
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Search Engine Optimization has become a very crucial part of every business organization. It is the best way to enhance your website’s traffic and ranking. By using SEO services, your site’s appearance on search-result pages of web visitors gets increased. Some basic SEO fundamentals can help in achieving good rankings.

Monitor your position: Your SEO efforts can get wasted, if you do not monitor your position in the internet market. It is necessary to keep a check on page rank and referrer log for tracking the site visitants.

Proper keywords: You should always use appropriate keywords on all the pages of your site. Be strategic; think of the keywords which can be used by people for searching information. Avoid using ridiculous amounts of keywords; it can label your site as spam.

Update content: Update your site’s content regularly for increasing the traffic. Provide fresh and useful information about the products and services. Use blogs, it’s an excellent way to increase the link building opportunities.

Image descriptions: Spiders cannot search for the text in the images used in the site. Make sure to use words which describe the images in appropriate way. Adding captions to the images is very valuable for SEO.

Make a sitemap: A site map can add all the other important pages on your site. This makes your website-easy to search for the spiders. It’s better to have lesser clicks to get on a particular page of your site.

Social media distribution: A very crucial SEO strategy involves proper social media distribution. You can distribute the links to different social networking platforms. This increases the number of places, where web visitors can see your link.

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