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Search Engines Market Share
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

In the last post we had a small overview of SEO industry. Let’s look at some search engines before we proceed further into details of Internet marketing. Google is the unparalleled player in the field of search engines. It has also been voted as the outstanding search engine. It has maintained its position for so long because of simplicity in its design and working.

As a search engine, Google applies the web based crawler technology which makes available widespread exploration of web links and web pages and also the accurate data as well. Yahoo is the second most popular search engine with the aggregate share in the search engine market being more than 30 %. In initial years of its foundation, Yahoo worked as a repository but in the year 2002, it changed itself to using the crawler based technology. Yahoo was power-driven by Google technology till the first few months of 2004 after that they employed their own expertise. Overture, owned by Yahoo, is ranked next to Google in terms of number of hits on its search engine. More than 160 million search hits have been recorded on Overture.

Overture is the first search engine to have introduced pay-per-click agenda in the SEO technique. In the beginning, AskJeeves achieved prominence in 1998-99 when it became a questionnaire type of search engine in which you could pose a question and reply by means of whatever appears as a true response. After it got underway, AskJeeves was operated by approximately hundred editors who kept an eye on searching activities on the search engine. These days, it takes the support of web crawler technique to make available search results to the internet surfers.


* PPC: PPC (Pay-per-click) is an advertising model in which the promoter gives the money when the commercial is actually ticked by a person online.
* An organized assortment of web links is generally assembled by hand. Indexing is normally of two types; one is all-purpose in nature and second is related to relevancy of a keyword or a subject matter. However, the directories cannot have competition of same level with the search engines but they also provide high-quality search results to the users.

Internet marketing has been growing at an unprecedented rate with new technologies and concepts being introduced everyday. To keep abreast with all the happenings, keep on checking our posts.

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