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RSS Feeds- The Things You Always Wanted to Know!
Posted By: Sachin Bansal


RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication popularly known as ‘news feeds’. RSS is a family of web format that helps the website owners to send snippets about the latest news and updates of the website to their customers and website users in an automated manner.

To qualify for getting feeds one must have to subscribe to the website feeds.

Why would you need RSS Feeds?

RSS solves a problem for people who regularly use the web.

  1. It keeps you informed about the latest content updates from your favorite websites.
  2. It saves your time to visit each site individually.
  3. It saves you from the unnecessary newsletters of the websites and gives you pure information.

How RSS feeds works?

RSS feed fetches the updated information from the websites you have subscribed to.RSS feeds updates the content on the basis of the relevant data such as Meta data which includes publishing dates and authorship.

Based on the Meta data the RSS feed gets you the snippets of the updated content on your website.

Why RSS feeds important?

RSS feeds are important for both the website and the users of the website to stay connected for a healthy relationship of mutual benefit. RSS feeds helps both the user and the website in the following manner.

An RSS feed helps the website:

  1. Gaining loyal readers.
  2. Obtaining new readers.
  3. Site promotion.

An RSS feed helps the Users:

  1. To stay informed about latest updates.
  2. To stay connected with their topic of interest (Favorite website).
  3. To show brand loyalty.

How to subscribe for RSS feeds of a website?

To subscribe to a RSS feed of any website, one must have an RSS reader installed on their PCs.  After installing the RSS reader on your computer you can now move on to subscribe the RSS feeds of your favorite websites. To subscribe to the feeds of your favorite website you must click on the RSS button present on the website.

RSS Buttons

RSS buttons comes in a varied variety of shapes, sizes and colors. (See image below for the most popular ones)Once you have clicked the RSS button, you will be asked to subscribe the RSS Feed of that website and you are done.You can check out the subscribed feed in your RSS reader.


What is the difference between Blog RSS Feed and Website’s RSS Feeds?

In Layman’s language: RSS feed of a website is like a 30 second movie teaser ad((short and concise, worth generating curiosity), whereas RSS feed of a blog is like a movie trailer(central idea of the whole story).

Website’s RSS feeds informs you about what’s new in the website has happened, this can include:

  1. Any page added
  2. Any page deleted
  3. Some content added on some page
  4. Some content deleted etc

Whereas a Blog feeds caters the added content of the blog. It follows the order of the blog’s update as it undertakes the Meta data for its syndication.

Website feeds – Examples

  1. The daily menu from a school website.
  2. New product announcements.
  3. A News Story
  4. Notice of sales.
  5. Seasonal announcements.
  6. Invitation to a special event.
  7. Notification of a new article.
  8. Sports event score.
  9. New software release.
  10. New lesson of a tutorial.

Placement of Feed in a Website

In a website the RSS feed can be placed on the HOME page or on every individual page whose content updates very often.

Home page RSS feed will inform the users about the changes that take place throughout the website.

Whereas, in terms of individual page subscription, the user will get information regarding that one particular page only.

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