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Role and realms of Micro blogging in Search Engine Marketing
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

What are micro-blogging sites?

The blog that allow users to publish short text updates are called micro blogs. It is an altered blogging behavior where you can publish small content from your mobile, IM or through micro blogging site. It is presented in various forms on web like stumbleupon, delicious, and flicker. Every website has its own features and updates status messages in their own way e.g. twitter updates status messages and followed by number of people, yelp adds a review on subjects and so on. There are many micro-blogging sites which are being used to upgrade your website.

Websites for micro blogging:

Twitter, Tumblr, friendfeed, Plurk and, Daily booth are micro blogging sites and Twitter is one of the best and most widely used sites as a micro blog. The micro blogs puts up short content and it does not makes reader feel bored of reading those short pieces of contents. The minimal commitment and concise content is the appealing factor of micro-blogging sites. The blogger assures content’s aptitude when reader leaves a comment on his content. This makes him continue to post more content and ideas to get feedback. The micro content becomes the fuel for micro blogging sites with short and precise comments.

Why micro blogging is plugged with search engine marketing? 

The sole online tools for company’s enhancement are SEO and SEM. The promotional and optimization approach is also shifting to social media marketing (SMM), which is an integral part of Search Engine Marketing.

Social media and social sites are becoming the need of an hour for the recognition of your online visibility. Thus, it makes SEO analysts to elevate and cite the website on other websites too. The social media sites are gaining too much of edge and it becomes now important to focus a part of your business towards it.

Twitter has become an unmatched marketing tool for SMM and it has phenomenally rise Micro blogging to far extent. Twitter provides “everyday wins” practice to the bloggers along with “real time search results”.

The recognition of micro-blogging makes it certain for an Internet Marketer to incorporate it with accessible promotional and brand marking activities.

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