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Encouraging exposure with Google +1

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Google +1 is the New Buzz Word among Netizens

Socialization is the next big thing on human terms, who doesn’t want to get mingle with the outer world exposure! These days internet is playing a crucial and a versatile role for all those people who are shy to come out of their cozy nut shell ; well not only by Facebook but yes there is one more big thing which is an add on to your socialize pallet ;and that is “+1”. Well no need to get amazed as this is “Google +1” thing.  This is specially for the all those people who want to hang out with the whole world, not only with freaking chats but yes, you can also share your content, your articles, your information; any big such thing you want to share , it is a real fun and innovative at the same time.

Connoting presentation style and methodology based on the simplicity of the narrative, that many of the other business honchos practice, and many business gurus teach is very important. It's difficult for anyone to accept fundamental and radical presentation of the products anymore. It's monotonous and monotonicity brings in unproductive and barren results. Fortunately, Google is one of the few innovators, and its success has proved enough. It is at this stage or you may say at the juncture that the Google +1 is useful - to connect the dots.

Web Content Going The Mobile Way

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Website are getting more Mobiles savvy these days - A review

Smartphone retailers need to wise up on an essential factual detail: smartphone buyers are likelier to buy your product if you run a web site that is mobile specific. And they need to wise up real quick.

A recent market survey throws up a rather interesting infographic in this context: Less than 5% retailers run web sites. Period. The ratio is even more dismal when you consider how many of them are mobile-specific incorporating the best mobile SEO practices. Retailers who don’t have web sites should know that over 50% buyers first consult web sites before going on to buy. These retailers would also do well to look at an April 2011study conducted by Google with regard to smartphone consumers. The researchers at Google came up with some rather interesting facts and figures. They established that 81% consumers surfed the net through their smartphones while 77% actively searched using them. Most consumers used their smartphones as desktop extensions anyway.

SEO Tops the Most Sought After Digital Marketing Practice

Posted By: Sachin Bansal The best Digital Marketing practice of 2011

Digital marketing has been around for quite a while now. And now, no matter where you look, you cannot escape its varied – and multicolored – avatars including RSS, blogging, email, and podcasting , not to mention text messaging, banner advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). No prizes for guessing which digital marketing approach tops the list of favorites (according to a recent survey).  Yes, that’s right: it is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The rationale behind this trend is not hard to understand.

In these recessionary times more and more businesses are looking to attract a solid client base. Greater visibility coupled with cost-effectiveness is what everybody is looking for. We all know how easy it is to lose one’s way in the ever sprawling cyber world. Search engine optimization, deployed astutely, ensures high traffic output.

And why is that so important? Well, let’s consider a couple of facts first. It is, by now, a well established fact that at least one out of three net surfers turns to search engines to learn about new products. Secondly, 9 out of 10 search engine researchers end up buying or, at least, visiting retail stores selling those products. Do you wonder that marketers allocate 90% of their budgets to search marketing? Search marketing also includes PPC, or pay per click which is yet another internet model designed to attract relevant traffic. Advertisers, who bid on certain keywords, pay out hefty sums to websites that host them. All this makes advertising on the web additionally lucrative. There is a new kid on the block, content marketing, which is a more subtle form of marketing involving communication with one’s target audience without the aggressive selling. Market observers predict that this restrained marketing tactic is likely to become all the rage in the not-too-distant future.

Twitter to go the Zynga Way?

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Twitter adopting gaming giant's league

Most marketing gurus – even web ones – swear by the validity of subscription and advertising as the main forces that drive marketing and, ultimately, rake in the revenues. For a company that turned mainstream a year or two ago and which has raised funds worth $ 1 billion, Twitter has done well without, apparently, a business model in place. So, how does this modest micro-blogging service make its money? While its founders, Dorsey, Williams, and Stone have abhorred the use of banner advertising they made a smart move by tying up with search engine biggies like Google and Bing and also by getting mega corporations to pay for the unique services offered by Twitter.

And now an unnamed birdie claims that the social networking site is all set to take up a different monetizing route. What it is about to do is integrate games and applications a la Facebook. That too by third party game developers. Does the scenario sound familiar? Yes, you bet. Think of Zynga that has lately become popular riding on the back of the social networking titan, Facebook. The ever-growing legion of Farmville and City Ville gaming fans, who are also registered with Twitter, have something to look forward to in the shape of alternatives. Does this mean that soon Zynga-like features are likely to appear on Twitter?  Well perhaps, or then perhaps not. No one is saying anything at the Twitter end for the moment. Only time will tell, to quote a well-known and oft repeated cliché.

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