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SEO Leading the Way ahead in Internet Marketing

Posted By: Sachin Bansal There are three prime strategies of internet marketing- SEO (search engine optimization); SMM (search media marketing) and PPC (pay per click). On recent market research B2C and B2B markets say that website traffic is the prior and prime way to measure and generate success of internet marketing efforts. SEO is the leading source for B2C and for B2B marketers, leaving behind PPC and social media marketing but the survey continues with more social media marketing budget in 2012, which will leave SEO and PPC behind.

These numbers have come from the 2011 State of Digital Marketing Report on, which the company surveyed more than 500 U.S. online marketers in August and September; about two-thirds of all respondents identified themselves as B2B marketers. Both B2B and B2C marketers agree that SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation. The study says that 57 percent of B2B marketers credit SEO as their primary source of generating leads, while 41 percent of B2C marketers also said the same thing.

The survey was accompanied with budget-related questions like; which channel gets the majority of the marketers’ budgets. B2B marketers answered that ‘one-third SEO gets the majority of their budget’ whereas B2C marketers said that more than 42 percent of PPC gets the majority of their budget — about double the number of B2C marketers who said SEO is their top budget allocation.

From Garage to Second Largest Search Engine – YouTube!

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Beat that – pay heed – more than 200 billion videos glide all over the word everyday on YouTube. And 100 million unique visitors come to search, watch and share videos from the site every month in the US alone.

All this happened because of three friends; Chad Hurley, Steve Chan and Jawed karim and their extreme idea “of sharing their videos“. They landed up with “YouTube” in a garage. With modest beginning, an angel funded enterprise, through a market shift office in a garage – and -  now the second largest Search Engine in the world. This YouTube is the leading inspiration of how intelligent startups can not only make big but creates history.

Mobile Chat: Another Gem in Facebook’s Crown

Posted By: Sachin Bansal The race of innovations is at peak, it is the global mass - users who are actually benefiting from the race, between the technological giants of the world.

A major mass drove towards networking socialization platforms and one of them is “The Ultimate Face book”; this global socializing platform, having all the facilities that attracts the users to use more. Facebook is proceeding towards mobile chip application; it is getting way high with its enormous and vast innovations, getting the mobile chip on its podium.

Face book is providing the users an adept single mobile chat application, which is a messenger! This application will take place on smart phones like–appleiOS and Google android, users just need their facebook credentials to log on - to the messenger, and it is just like a facebook profile where the users can share their status, pictures, videos etc with their friends. Apart from chatting, one would also get an access to the previous chats and can view message threads on the go.

Mobile Marketing in India: The Next Big Thing?

Posted By: Sachin Bansal It seems like Mobile Advertising is Next Favorite Destination for Advertisers

As mobile becomes a great market tool to spread messages for marketers, mobile phones are said to be the new persuasive force lining up against all other advertising tools who dominated the Indian markets until few years back. Internet and technology –mobile phones are like new search engines in every hand. They build and promote brands. With several brand maneuvering mobile handsets it becomes hard to extricate. India’s mobile advertising space has been noticed to be accelerating since early 2011.

According to the 3rd issue of The BuzzCity Report India sustains top position of first quarter. It has grown to 29% and has served 7,470 million ad impressions. This report is a brief of forces and trends prevalent in mobile advertising arena needless to say these trends shape and rules the entire mobile industry. May 2011, when 2.6 billion ads were served to 59.4 million users of different class on different platform through mobile internet, India witnessed its highest level of mobile traffic. Buzz credits this to decreasing data rates, feasibility of handsets, heavy and to constant promotion of mobile internet and introduction of 3G Internet further hyped the mobile popularity as a marketing medium. Legion of continually growing user activities and advertiser’s interest resulted in 27% banner ads being served to mobile users in the country. Games and videos became primary products during promotion while a movie campaign through mobile phones is amalgamating the potential of phones with the entertainment genre. However Nokia became the top mobile company to make it big through mobile advertising. When it came to accessing net through phones Nokia dominated over other handsets. .

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