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Role and realms of Micro blogging in Search Engine Marketing

Posted By: Sachin Bansal What are micro-blogging sites?

The blog that allow users to publish short text updates are called micro blogs. It is an altered blogging behavior where you can publish small content from your mobile, IM or through micro blogging site. It is presented in various forms on web like stumbleupon, delicious, and flicker. Every website has its own features and updates status messages in their own way e.g. twitter updates status messages and followed by number of people, yelp adds a review on subjects and so on. There are many micro-blogging sites which are being used to upgrade your website.

Latest link building techniques post Penguin update

Posted By: Sachin Bansal There have been a lot of changes over a short period of time concerning Google that spelt a doom to some of the webmasters with new algorithm updates. With this Google new Penguin update, the websites started falling down ranking like lost military in battleground. Indeed, this update is very effective in dumping the spam sites.

From last few years, many SEO agencies were building links with certain methods. With this update, the link building techniques have changed their way to a bit technical path and the webmasters implementing these strategies would be able to make their potential mark in internet marketing in future. Webmasters must initiate the process to stay ahead of the game while building links. They need to “whiten their hat” while applying link building techniques and rethink on their SEO strategies.

Factors worth considering while choosing the right SEO Agency

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Search engine optimization represents the most certain way to obtain that success for many people, the outstanding success, which they have dreamt ever. On the other hand, a lot of knowledge and experience is required to optimize a website for the guaranteed results. With the intention of obtaining best with SEO you need to choose one of the top SEO agencies available online. This way you can find and opt for a SEO agency that matches to your 100%requirements.

You need to patient if you want to rank your websites and choosing a right SEO agency for this crucial task is really a crucial decision to take. Remember that before finding the SEO service you need to make ready your online resources that will allow you to compare and decide. Otherwise it is a risk of choosing a company for your search engine ranking because many companies displays and promises to give you 100% results but they do not have any back up which can prove that yes they are reliable companies to work with and thus you can endanger yourself and that can harm your online reputation.

Digital Marketing – A Viewpoint

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Before I go down into details and future of Digital Marketing, let me get you acquaintance with it. Every marketing activity which does not include printing comes under Digital Marketing. I have seen people considering Internet Marketing as Digital Marketing. This is wrong. Digital Marketing is much beyond Internet. Televisions, Radio, Mobile, Electronic Displays Banners, these all are the part of Digital Marketing.

But every product has a life cycle, so do a process and hence the current phase of digital marketing, on its life cycle, has left down the media like Televisions, Radio, etc and marketers focus only to the platform which provides quick feedback with instant reports. And still digital marketing is in growing phase, with the world tending towards mobiles, tablets, and other tech gadgets.

Is Google+ impacting SEO?

Posted By: Sachin Bansal

It has been the norm of the nature to replace the old with the new and the scenario is drifting towards that “new” pretty steadily. The SEO world is no way unacquainted of the usability and productiveness of social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. But what’s the “new” element is Google Plus.

Now the effectiveness of the social networking sites are realized the way that their “likes” or gestures of liking a particular activity or product or event is helpful in a way to rank the websites for the same higher, better known as indexing.

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