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Some easy ways for social media marketing plan

Posted By: Sachin Bansal  

It is important to be very specific regarding the requirements of your social media marketing. It should contain all the information regarding your business and its objectives. Proper descriptions of all products and services should be given in detail; even the target audience should be specific. All this helps in planning a better social media marketing strategy.

Some of the best ways to gain customers with mobile marketing

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Mobile marketing has become one of the best ways to advertise your products and services in best ways. It helps in getting more customers as nowadays everyone is more focused in using Smartphone than any other devices. Thus, by using different ways of marketing, you can increase the number of customers on your site and can develop the business in better ways:

Text messaging is one of the best ways of doing mobile marketing. You can get more customers looking out for your database by texting them offers which are hard to deny.

How important “keywords” are in SEO?

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Gone are those days when single word search string could help in getting best results but with the increase in the number of online sites, it is impossible. The competition level has become so high that achieving top rankings has become the main goal of all online companies. An important thing is to select the right kind of keywords for better optimization. People use two or three keywords for searching related sites rather than using highly specific single keyword. Nowadays, search is done by using keywords like “food for cats” or “homemade cat food,” etc. instead of using single word “cat.” This results in getting better and specific results, without any trouble.

Choosing the right keywords which describes your website in the best way is very necessary. Narrow keywords are very valuable; they get top results of specific searches as they seem relevant to the particular site. Generic keywords get more frequent searches but are not useful for long-term run. Selecting and implementing the right kind of keywords can help in increasing the online traffic of your site. They focus on your website theme so that the traffic increases and high rank are achieved on Google SEO. Google recognize the sites with its “keywords;” many of them miss out this important aspect and fail to achieve the target.

I lost my rankings since 17th Jan 2013, what I did wrong? | Google Panda 24

Posted By: Sachin Bansal  

Google revealed a Panda update #24 on 22nd January; this is Google’s first update of 2013. Though, ranking of websites across the globe were affected since 17th January but the final public declaration came on 22nd Jan from Google. This time Google waited for 5 days to to completely roll out the update to be effective throughout the internet.

SEO fundamentals to get your site started

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Search Engine Optimization has become a very crucial part of every business organization. It is the best way to enhance your website’s traffic and ranking. By using SEO services, your site’s appearance on search-result pages of web visitors gets increased. Some basic SEO fundamentals can help in achieving good rankings.

Monitor your position: Your SEO efforts can get wasted, if you do not monitor your position in the internet market. It is necessary to keep a check on page rank and referrer log for tracking the site visitants.

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