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Mobile Marketing in India: The Next Big Thing?
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

It seems like Mobile Advertising is Next Favorite Destination for Advertisers

As mobile becomes a great market tool to spread messages for marketers, mobile phones are said to be the new persuasive force lining up against all other advertising tools who dominated the Indian markets until few years back. Internet and technology –mobile phones are like new search engines in every hand. They build and promote brands. With several brand maneuvering mobile handsets it becomes hard to extricate. India’s mobile advertising space has been noticed to be accelerating since early 2011.

According to the 3rd issue of The BuzzCity Report India sustains top position of first quarter. It has grown to 29% and has served 7,470 million ad impressions. This report is a brief of forces and trends prevalent in mobile advertising arena needless to say these trends shape and rules the entire mobile industry. May 2011, when 2.6 billion ads were served to 59.4 million users of different class on different platform through mobile internet, India witnessed its highest level of mobile traffic. Buzz credits this to decreasing data rates, feasibility of handsets, heavy and to constant promotion of mobile internet and introduction of 3G Internet further hyped the mobile popularity as a marketing medium. Legion of continually growing user activities and advertiser’s interest resulted in 27% banner ads being served to mobile users in the country. Games and videos became primary products during promotion while a movie campaign through mobile phones is amalgamating the potential of phones with the entertainment genre. However Nokia became the top mobile company to make it big through mobile advertising. When it came to accessing net through phones Nokia dominated over other handsets. .

Statistics states that Nokia has 54% market shares against Apple’s i-phone, Blackberry and Android handsets. No wonder feature based phones and not the smart phones rule the world of mobile Internet. Among the competing sector of mobile advertising, Automobile, financial services and consumer- health sectors faced a hyped growth.

This post is written by:Swati Shrivastava (Search Value Team)

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