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Mobile Chat: Another Gem in Facebook’s Crown
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

The race of innovations is at peak, it is the global mass – users who are actually benefiting from the race, between the technological giants of the world.

A major mass drove towards networking socialization platforms and one of them is “The Ultimate Face book”; this global socializing platform, having all the facilities that attracts the users to use more. Facebook is proceeding towards mobile chip application; it is getting way high with its enormous and vast innovations, getting the mobile chip on its podium.

Face book is providing the users an adept single mobile chat application, which is a messenger! This application will take place on smart phones like–appleiOS and Google android, users just need their facebook credentials to log on – to the messenger, and it is just like a facebook profile where the users can share their status, pictures, videos etc with their friends. Apart from chatting, one would also get an access to the previous chats and can view message threads on the go.

It gives the users a facility to have a group chat and also provides a special component feature which tells the location of you and your friends. This application makes your social connections way too mobile with its mobile application messenger, it is an extension of face book messages; as it will contain all your conversations, chats, pictures, videos, emails everything, in one go and the user can attach photos, add locations to let their friends find them, the only difference.

You can install this messenger application easily as it is just a click away, you just need to search for “face book messenger” in your respective application store, from there on you will get a link to the application, and tada! You can download it from that link.

The facebook has indeed, brought the world much closer with its global mobile networking spirit.

This post is written by:Purbita Sarkar (Search Value Team)

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