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Link relationships with Micro blogging sites
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Many viral marketing strategies have been hitting internet marketing business but out of those strategies micro blogging tops the list in case of link relationships. In fact people are using micro blogging for the enhancement of their online businesses. Micro blog becomes the best bet if you don’t have time or resources to run a blog. No yardstick is required to compare micro blogging to traditional blogging. It makes difference by creating a large community of followers. Micro blogging platforms support fortune from big companies like Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku and Mysay.

Micro blogging sites for link relationships:

Twitter: Biggest micro blogging site for link relationships is Twitter. This popular micro blog grow every 100% new users in one season. The website has been growing at a tremendous rate still the user volume is yet small as compared to Myspace. If this website gets a clean interface then users can set up and start twittering more easily.

Plurk: Plurk is another biggest micro blogging website. It has clearer interface than Twitter and also has a visual timeline interface, which shows your plurks you have been following on your time sheet-style screen. However, it is bit complex to use than twitter but appeals more when once you become used to it.

Jaiku: Jaiku is an omnipresent version of micro blogging. The new users have been beta testing their latest version and thus thi is website is more close to new users and appeals with a nice map interface.

Powance: This website is more similar to Twitter in look and feel but have more capabilities and functions in terms of sharing files and events. The character limit is more than those of other sites and allows adding more details to your posts.

Spoink: This website is best for newcomers who prefer using mobile rather than laptops/desktops and promote micro blogging wherever you happen to be. The pod-casting ability from anywhere makes it different from others.

Micro-blogging helping businesses:

It presents a stellar way to build awareness and establish expertise of your business activities. When you regularly post something related to your business subject then it helps in building brand through these regular posts. Thus, it helps to expand the reach of your service and thus spread your word as quick as possible.

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