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Latest link building techniques post Penguin update
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

There have been a lot of changes over a short period of time concerning Google that spelt a doom to some of the webmasters with new algorithm updates. With this Google new Penguin update, the websites started falling down ranking like lost military in battleground. Indeed, this update is very effective in dumping the spam sites.

From last few years, many SEO agencies were building links with certain methods. With this update, the link building techniques have changed their way to a bit technical path and the webmasters implementing these strategies would be able to make their potential mark in internet marketing in future. Webmasters must initiate the process to stay ahead of the game while building links. They need to “whiten their hat” while applying link building techniques and rethink on their SEO strategies.

Let us discuss about the latest link building techniques to safely improve your rankings in long term with the Penguin Update:

Make a smart reflection of your social image

Social signals are more important than ever and indeed they help you to virally spread your content ahead of the limits of your fans. Make sure you share all your social pages manually rather than automating the process through tons of plug-ins and tools. The blogs you post daily or weekly, must be shared on Google+, Facebook fan page, Twitter. There is no use of Facebook fan page if you are not showing the fresh content to your friends and followers. Get likes, re-tweets and +1s to get bonus points in terms of SEO.

Smartly link your inner pages of websites

Certainly, it is important to link your homepage since it is important, but soon Google will raise a red flag against your website when it will get majority of your backlinks linked to your homepage but not the inner pages. It really doesn’t make any sense to Google bots while indexing your website. For sure, your inner pages contains the real and fresh content and the websites like SEOMOZ gets most of the natural links form the inner pages. Therefore, internal links are equally important as external links.

Make a worthy content

Content is the king and thus make sure the content you produce is unique and relevant to your website. Always remember that the maximum bounce rate equals to bad user experience. Bad user experience means lower Google rankings. We need to rectify the root of the cause and minimizing the bounce rate is the answer to your question since writing a piece of content that doesn’t entertain your end user won’t get you very so far. Simply, focus on making high quality content that people usually link to their social profiles and their websites too.

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