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I lost my rankings since 17th Jan 2013, what I did wrong? | Google Panda 24
Posted By: Sachin Bansal


Google revealed a Panda update #24 on 22nd January; this is Google’s first update of 2013. Though, ranking of websites across the globe were affected since 17th January but the final public declaration came on 22nd Jan from Google. This time Google waited for 5 days to to completely roll out the update to be effective throughout the internet.

Many websites across the globe were affected, and webmasters are trying to figure out the possible reasons behind this update. This led to a common question in the minds of websmasters that what I did wrong in developing content and links for my website?

Well, it is Panda update #24 and as per authority websites, it’s about content on your website as well as content of the websites from where you are getting backlink.

Another question that is bothering the webmasters across the globe is that, what is the reason that I lost my rankings? Well, the answer to this question is quite complicated. No doubt, your website’s content is unique but you are not sure of the websites from where you are getting backlinks. We researched and compared an example affected website with a non affected website and verified all backlinks in Google webmaster and found that the website having duplicate content has been penalized by Google and the websites that’s getting the backlinks are also penalized.

As a corrective action, we tried to remove the backlinks on 19th January and re-gained the rankings on 22nd January back. This way, we helped one of hundreds of clients to recover from Google Panda update #24 and continued our quality link building with good PR and domain authority.

The sales team came up with a new package of quality link building and sold 75 of them

But the reason behind all updates remains the same for Google and all questions has a common answer. Google wants more business and it can be achieved through Google AdWords paid advertisement. So, we are ready to design and manage your campaigns in a cost effective manner where you’ll get a better ROI than organic results. Fill our Contact Form and let us know about your experience with this update.

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