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How to Generate Leads, through Plain and Simple Content Marketing?
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

As a marketer I meet many clients who approach me and want me to help them sell something which they have either created or are offering as a service. On introducing the concept of Content Marketing to them, is when I get to see a lot of puzzled faces, which is why I actually thought of writing this post.

Before I begin I would like to know, how often do we stumble upon the simpler concepts of life? and we wonder and maybe agonize too, on how we ignored them for so long, when we could have leveraged those to the hilt!

“A Simple Idea” is how I would refer Content Marketing as, even then I would certainly not refrain myself from adding a Tagline to this Simple Idea. ‘A Very Powerful method to do marketing’.

Exploring Content Marketing,

1. What is Content Marketing?

In its most basic form it is sharing content which will educate and help your buyers, audience or information seekers.

2. Why Content Marketing?

A valid question like this deserves a valid answer. Content Marketing is primarily done through the medium of Internet and since your customers are on this digital platform, looking for products/services or for solving a problem. You need to be there too to help them relate to your products or services.

3. How does it help?

The gamut of advantages that you can derive from Content Marketing is immense,

a. You get discovered  You get discovered by visitors not just from your local neighborhood but from various demographics.

b. Convert visitors to leads  You have an immediate chance of getting visitors to convert to leads.

c. Nurture Leads – Considering that not every lead will earn you revenue. You always have an option to nurture that lead for a future closing.

d. Drive brand loyalty – Driving the loyalty wagon for your brand becomes very easy, once you start addressing to burning questions in turn providing simple practical answers. Customer all over alike, respect brands which are connecting with them at a problem solving level.

4. Should I be doing it?

A straight answer to that would be ‘Everyone’. Marketers and anybody to everybody who ever wants to generate leads for either commercial or non commercial purposes will find their peace in Content Marketing.

5. What form of Content can be put to use?

This needs to be answered in detail since there is a lot that can be covered when it comes to the various forms of content marketing,

a. Blogs – This is a very popular form of content marketing and customers relate to it to the maximum.

bNewsletters – Newsletters are a great way to touch base with your customers. Read how to Supercharge your newsletter to get Leads.

c. White Papers, Guides, Case Studies – The three forms have been deliberately put together since they are of the likes of a particular customer segment which is B2B. So if and when you are targeting B2B, you know what will work for you!

d. Webinars – Webinar’s have started trending very much these days. In it business leaders convey their ideas and solutions to customers through a monologue followed by Q & A.

e. Videos – Starting your own channel on popular platforms like youtube and others is a good idea. Your customers can stream and get a lot of information through your video form.

f. Quizzes – This form of Content Marketing, challenges a customer on a personal level. People get involved to increase their awareness and in turn give you a lot of information which can get you to understand their behavior and also at the end of the quiz, you could put a contact form to get leads, before revealing how they have performed on the quiz.

g. Apps – Yet another popular medium. Performs very well with customers of all age groups. You could market your brand a lot through apps. Get one made today!

h. Reviews – Reviews are popular, they target on the very basic human tendency that people relate and trust more on a particular aspect, in this case a brand, more, if someone tells them about their experience of the brand, in short a review.

i. News – News harbor a lot of real time information, which can be sent to a customer, but I think it should be handled carefully since the real time information is handled very differently by different people. So please strategize and act accordingly.

6. Where to look for Content Ideas?

Let Creativity and Proactive thinking be the guiding force to look for Content Ideas

a. Customers/ Prospects – Use the experience of your customers. Address their burning concerns.

b. Forums – Forums are a place where people discuss their challenges. You get a lot of ideas about what kind of information your viewers want. Then again you could look for trending topics on forums and provide information or solutions about them.

c. Google Search – Use your analytics, see what performed and what did not. Generate ideas accordingly. Also you could use ‘Searches related to other searches’.

d. Thought Leaders – Distinguished leaders talk, catch their insights and curate your content.

e. Your Own Workgroup – Never ignore your own work place or business group. Your inside resources could yield a lot of practical knowledge on which Content can be formed. Plan an Incentive scheme to get ideas.

How to Set up Lead Generation from Content?

Ahh! Something for which you have all waited, let me guide your way through.

First & Foremost, have CTAs

CTA – Call to Action, Understand what it means. It is something which compels your viewer to do something. How to use it? Here is how.

Blogs – Putting a CTA for a blog is easy.  You could do it easily asking the user to Subscribe for your blog.

Newsletters – A similar strategy for the newsletter can be done.

E-Books – Write an E-book, fashion the content in a way which is compelling the user to download and then put it behind a form.

White Papers/ How to Guides – White Papers and How to Guides are meant to tackle a specific problem statement and are meant for a B2B audience. Putting your White Papers behind Landing Pages encourages the person to give you the details you require.

Webinars – Webinars are a great way to engage people. Primarily because a Webinar focuses on Audience which to an extent faces the same kind of challenges. Get People to register for your Webinars. Get People to register for your webinars.

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