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Whoosh! Another Google Update Rocket, oh! It’s hitting the Keyword Banner!
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Head reeling, eyes rolling are common symptoms of a Google update syndrome, and with what Google has hit the digital market recently the effect has managed to raise quite a panic, Secured Searches stamped as permanent feature, but it’s not like something we didn’t see coming, I mean it was happening since two years, so it was kind of inevitable.

With Google switching all its searches to encrypted or secure, meaning there is no keyword data that is funneling anymore to site owners.

What do you mean? ‘Secured’ 

Observe your browser, www.google.com is being re-directed to https://www.google.com which means earlier when a person used to search on Google, the keywords mentioned in the query would be sent to the owner of the website, which now is not happening.


So is turn you shall not be able to see what keyword is bringing what kind of traffic? Furthermore since you are not getting any analytics, you shall not try to alter the contents of your site to suit it better to the queries.

But I use Google AdWords!

No worries for you, Google has all smiles for you, full access to all the keywords is still available for you!

It’s Organic Searches that are getting effected big time! Up to 95% of them hurl ‘not provided’ in terms of analytics and rest 5% are being taken from non Google sites.

Ok! So what do we do?

Though the Analytics mirror of the SEO domain is definitely cracked it is still reflecting some data through the following ways:

  • Google Webmaster Tool: Terms can still be viewed within Google Webmaster Tools but only the top 2000 terms per day and only going back for 90 days.

Click Search Traffic           >             Search Queries

And you will be getting data from encrypted searches.


  • Schedule your logging into your account every 30 days and save data, both in CSV and Google Docs so you have access to it forever.
  •  You still have query data if you AdWords, with this change the AdWords are being favoured over organic search results.
  •  If you are using AdWords for Pay Per Click marketing, connect your company’s AdWords account to your Google Analytics account and use data for keyword research.
  • Explore Non Google searches though not of great importance to smaller websites.
  • Analyze all your onsite searches , I mean if a user found relevant data on your website then it might result in searching for more relevance, capture those searches, they help you give great insights.


Google Humming bird the new search algorithm that Google deployed over a month ago is growing in awareness each day, following the update of secured searches Google doesn’t want site owners to spend time on analytics of keywords and how to configure their sites accordingly but wants them to generate great content which is easily discoverable, can be related to and more importantly makes sense.


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