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Google Humming Quality, with Humming Bird…
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

When Dalai Lama points that “The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual’s own reason and critical analysis” we can relate that the decision rests on the pillars of intent, it’s meaning and the corresponding inferences we draw from it.

Google, in a recent event held on the eve of it’s 15th anniversary revealed a new search algorithm Humming bird which focuses on the semantic mode of finding, It relates more to the meaning rather then what has been literally asked for!, Which promises better search results rather than reflecting the key words which your search query consisted.

Semantics put simply is relating to the meaning in the language. Extending the same concept to search results helps you get more in line with what you seek on the internet, with the trends of the queries changing over the last decade one tends to search the web using conversational based queries more than anything else. For a search engine to understand what is being asked for, can be handled in two ways the first one being, to look out for the words which have been used in the query itself. The latter involves the search engine to understand the sense of the question or query that has been put up and bring up results which match likewise.

What was the need? I mean were we not really getting what we wanted from the searches we made? With the traditional methods of searching and sorting Boolean entities played their role well, but what failed them was their incapability to understand conversational based queries, which is a natural way when humans think? For example a query like “where can I get wallets for less than $5?” if put in a traditional search engine it would focus on the keywords used in the query like ”wallets” and “less than $5” which may bring you a lot of results which have those keywords but hardly make sense. Humming bird however would bring you results of websites giving you wallets for less than $5!

I mean isn’t that what we are actually looking for? Eventually discovering something precise helps the industry to get a faster decision and in turn a quicker transaction. So if you are a seller of wallets and you have a range which can be bought under $5 you are sure to get to people wanting to buy it.

So how is it changing? Humming bird highlights a major paradigm shift in the sense how Google senses your intentions behind the query, which in a way gets you something better than what you could actually get using the old methods of searching the web. So is the old way of searching gone forever? Though the Humming bird still uses the Page Ranking Algorithm along with other 199 methods to sort the billions of pages available and provide you with what you actually seek but what one can be sure of is that the “keyword” approach to search and promote is on the decaying trend and short lived. Google with this update shall index content which is more natural, engaging, linkable and sharable.

Google relies on how you think, perceive and relate, Humming bird is tuning more and more to the way human’s question? With Google being all exuberant about the Humming bird, it is all set to find what is seeketh.

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