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Get more votes for your sites
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

In todays scenario, where SEO is on it’s peak, every webmaster is fighting to get top rankings in search engine result pages.
Now, webmasters have become more conscious for their sites functionalities from users’ point of view, site accessibility for search engines, online visibility, social networking & much more.

Inbound link is one of the many important SEO factors. Relevant, high quality inbound links can affect your PageRank & may increase the chances of getting good position on search engines. Backlinks are considered as a votes in the favor of the website.

Today, we are listing some tried & tested techniques to create the backlinks.

Let’s start-

Quality Content: Quality links often come naturally to sites with compelling, high quality & helpful content or offering a unique service. This is a natural way to get high quality back links. It also create site authority in the market & helpful in increasing the readership. If you are providing the quality content the people will start subscribing the content thru RRS feed readers and your e-mail subscription also will automatically increase.

Blog Creation & Management: Blogging is a good way of user engagement. Make videos, do original research, and post interesting stuff on a regular basis, it can really do wonders for you. You can further submit your blog & videos to other submission sites to attain popularity. If you’re passionate about your site’s topic, there are lots of great avenues to engage more users.

Article Submission: Many good article submission sites are there where you can submit your site for FREE. This is really a successful technique to get backlinks. If fact, if you are submitting a great (informative) article about your niche then you can get good number of view & clicks to your site.

News: This is again a great way to bring new visits & retain the old one. Teach readers new things, uncover new news, be entertaining or insightful, show your expertise, interview different personalities in your industry and highlight their interesting side. Make your site worthwhile. Submission of these news on news sites/ news media like digg, reditt etc. can bring lots of visits to your site with quality back links.

Participation & Networking: Participate thoughtfully in blogs and user reviews related to your topic of interest. Offer your knowledgeable perspective to the community. This is a good way to get the backlinks & create the authority in to your niche. But, we should be very careful with this & should not try to do spamming by this way otherwise it can harm our brand or market value.

Similarly, participation in social communities & forum is a great way to get visitors & backlinks.

Great products/ services: Provide a useful product or service. If visitors to your site get value from what you provide, they’re more likely to link to you.

Directory Submission: Web directories are good to get free links & traffic. We should submit the site to the quality web directories. There are 1000’s of websites available on the net with wide range of categories, regions and languages. Some of them are paid & many are free also.

But you should take care of the relevancy & quality of the web directories before submissions.

Links from related sites: You can find your theme related websites by doing a search on your favorite search engine. You can consider Top websites ranking for your search term. You can talk to these people to have your link appear on the index pages of their websites.

Press Releases: New product line? Offering any free services? Any newsworthy event you may have, do a press release and submit it through and many other Press release sites.

We are sure these techniques will help you to get more votes with less efforts.

If you want professionals to do these activities for you, then you can contact us. We are offering quality link building service that too in your budget.

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