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Generate more Leads! by Supercharging your Newsletter Campaign in 6 simple ways!
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

While travelling, you may notice a billboard! And if it’s your favorite brand,do you feel happy seeing your favorite brand?

As marketers, we often face a daunting situation which is “how to touch base with our customers and make it a happy experience?”

Our Dynamic world offers a lot of challenges for our customers, giving practical insights to help them tackle those challenges, will always strike a chord with any type of customer, and what better way to do that than Newsletters!

Call me old fashioned, but I am a Newsletter loyalist! and I am currently enjoying my Newsletter campaigns to the fullest!

I mean why wouldn’t I? when the campaigns are helping me build the desired lead base.

Newsletter Campaigns have seriously changed the way content used to perform, they are being used not only to meet your customers on a regular note and help them, but are also being used to generate leads and track your customer’s behavior which eventually will enhance the performance of your CRM.

Newsletter Essentials

1. Its Content attracts the customer.

2. It is regularly distributed.

As promised I am giving you six important point or ingredients for a recipe that shall entice and engage your customer to the best and in turn will immensely reward you in terms of your website traffic.

1. Every Lead counts:Leads can be collected from various resources. Personal meetings, blogs, websites, social profile etc. Make sure you add those to your news letter campaigns. Remember Leads when stimulated with good content generate more leads.

2. Segment your Customer: If you are having multiple services to offer. It would be ideal to segment your audience according to the services they like and prefer, moreover your content will perform better with the correct audience.

3. Content Relevance: You could be catering to audience of these three types

a. B2B & B2C

b. B2B Only

c. B2C Only

Preparing content for each of these specifically would be a good idea, People enjoy and relate better with content which they think is meant for them.

4. Design the Newsletter: When reaching your customers in a regular way. One should adhere to some common best practices,

a. The design should be easy and should focus on the content being readable. Strictly speaking the Content to Design impact ratio should be 2:1

b. Choose your topics wisely, remember giving your customers practical insights to their problems. Decide accordingly what is relevant considering audience, seasonal requirement etc.

c. Images chosen should be done with a clear preference for HQ relatable images. Don’t forget putting ALT text on images.

d. Add your personal touch by writing your take, or by adding a positive futuristic insight to your viewers.

e. Consistency with your fonts, colors and other aesthetic factors should be maintained. Viewers start relating fonts and colors with your brand subconsciously.

f. Subject Line – Your Subject line is very important, it should not be spammy in looks and should invigorate the required confidence in the user to click it.

g. Add Social Icons to your newsletter, also add an “E-mail to you contact” feature in your publication. If your viewer like what you have sent them, it is likely they would want to share it with others as well, which in turn means more leads for you!

5. Frequency: Deciding the frequency should be easy and should be based on the following factors

a. Estimate the time required to implement your newsletter campaign, do not rush things.

b. Too many visits to your customer’s inbox might irritate your customer. Respecting the customers comfort over your own interests will always build cordial relationships.

6. Deliverability: Newsletter Deliverability should be explored as follows

a. Have a reputed e-mail service provider.

b. Avoid Spam be it Subject line or body.

c. Have your design tested, for some designs are a straight no and land in spam.

d. Reply to address, should be from a valid domain.

e. RESPECT the CUSTOMER and always have an unsubscribe/ opt-out link.

Remember your aim of Creating a Happy Experience. Device and Make your E-mail Newsletter Campaigns to create that experience along with being strong pillars of your content marketing strategy.

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