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From Garage to Second Largest Search Engine – YouTube!
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Beat that – pay heed – more than 200 billion videos glide all over the word everyday on YouTube. And 100 million unique visitors come to search, watch and share videos from the site every month in the US alone.

All this happened because of three friends; Chad Hurley, Steve Chan and Jawed karim and their extreme idea “of sharing their videos“. They landed up with “YouTube” in a garage. With modest beginning, an angel funded enterprise, through a market shift office in a garage – and -  now the second largest Search Engine in the world. This YouTube is the leading inspiration of how intelligent startups can not only make big but creates history.

With Google’s state of mind, art and technology, advertisers have an extremely strong, yet spontaneous tool to let them reach the right consumer at the right moment (YouTube).

YouTube is the omnipotent and unstoppable search engine. With all its credentials, YouTube is the vital facet of any digital strategy. There are multiple ways in which the users/people can share their voice. Like –

Brand Channel – Create your own intention, to house your videos. This brand channel gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase the video content you own.

Secondly Home Page – You got to invest in a homepage for about 24 hours. This receives more than 50 million impressions everyday. Homepage allows you to showcase videos, photos and the links you want to share in Social Media.

And lastly – The Promotion; YouTube’s promoted videos features help attracting the customers, viewers and subscribers and many more.

YouTube gives you the option, to share, view and after all enjoy..!!!!

This post is written by:Purbita Sarkar (Search Value Team)

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