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Five easy and best SEO tips for 2013
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

The year 2012 was full of so many ups and downs. The Penguin update, 13 Panda updates and many other low-quality domains developed. The results were not so impressive, the rankings were average. The New Year 2013 will bring more such updates for sure. With change in the tactics and use of new ideas can bring better results in the field of SEO.

1. Diversify Your Marketing: This year was full of different trends of marketing, which helped in better deployment of strategies. Various tricks and techniques were used as a trap for the consumers. For next year, it is important to stop taking the shortcuts. Try to come up with unique and exciting ideas. Proper proposition and high quality content will naturally help in easy marketing.

2. Diversify Anchor Text: In 2013, try to use natural anchor text; sometimes using complicated text can lead to meaningless results. Use the simple and solid link profile which appears natural and offers relevant text.

3. Diversify Your Point Of View: In New Year, try to use different point of views, get refreshed by making outdoor visits and talking to different people. This will help in getting so many different ideas. It will also help in developing unique and original ideas and content for the sites and will naturally increase the rankings.

4. Diversify Your Links: This year the SEO blogosphere was full of low quality links, same blogs were published in different sites for getting the rankings. In 2013, try to use new tactics, analysis the links of last year and try to find out the problems. Consider taking risk by trying something new.

5. Diversify Traffic Sources: Most of the sites depend on Google for traffic. It is necessary that in 2013, different traffic sources are used. No doubt, this would include lot of risk, money and efforts but the results will be great.

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