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Facebook and Skype: Awesome Twosome !
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Two Giants Connects

Social networking titan Facebook and video conferencing stalwart Skype are, it is now confirmed, coming together in an awesome tie up. What this means for the 27 million plus Skype users, scattered throughout the world, is that they will now be able to make calls via the net as well as send out text messages to each of their friends on Facebook in the furthest corners of the world. Sounds exciting? Wait… there’s more.

If you happen to be among the 500 million plus Facebook users what this means for you is that the next time you log on to your account you may be able to see your friends and family even as you chat with them no matter where they are.

Users of Skype would already be aware that voice calling is already possible amongst their Facebook friends. This is done through a Facebook application feature known as SkypeMe for Facebook. The application feature missing, so far, was video chat.

So brace yourself for exciting times ahead and talk your head off with your loved ones from the coziness of your home or a cyber café even as you see them smile, frown or change colors.

Small wonder Mark Zuckerberg, the suave Facebook co-founder, has been bristling with excitement saying that his company is on the verge of launching “something awesome”.  This “awesome” merger could, of course, mean headaches for Google and Apple which have similar features like Google Talk and Apple Face Time application respectively.

This merger is also Facebook’s answer to Google’s Hangouts’ function in its newly-launched social networking site, Google+. But the question everyone is asking is this: will this merger be able to support group video chats a la Hangouts?  The latter, as much of the tech savvy community is likely to be aware, supports as many as ten simultaneous video chats. The answer to the question could well be a thumping ‘yes’. This is because Skype Premium, available at $8.99 on a monthly basis, is able to support up to ten chats on the video concurrently.

The coming days appear to be full of promise and anticipation. According to Mashable, a well-known blog pertaining to news in the hi-tech world, “sources confirm that Skype-powered video chat will indeed launch next week.”

But there is more, if rumors are to be believed, to be added to the kitty. On the Facebook anvil is a music service in a joint partnership with Spotify.

The time, as the old song goes, are indeed changing.

Search Value will keep a keen eye on the latest development regarding this tie-up and keep its readers informed.

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