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Encouraging exposure with Google +1
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Google +1 is the New Buzz Word among Netizens

Socialization is the next big thing on human terms, who doesn’t want to get mingle with the outer world exposure! These days internet is playing a crucial and a versatile role for all those people who are shy to come out of their cozy nut shell ; well not only by Facebook but yes there is one more big thing which is an add on to your socialize pallet ;and that is “+1”. Well no need to get amazed as this is “Google +1” thing.  This is specially for the all those people who want to hang out with the whole world, not only with freaking chats but yes, you can also share your content, your articles, your information; any big such thing you want to share , it is a real fun and innovative at the same time.

Connoting presentation style and methodology based on the simplicity of the narrative, that many of the other business honchos practice, and many business gurus teach is very important. It’s difficult for anyone to accept fundamental and radical presentation of the products anymore. It’s monotonous and monotonicity brings in unproductive and barren results. Fortunately, Google is one of the few innovators, and its success has proved enough. It is at this stage or you may say at the juncture that the Google +1 is useful – to connect the dots.

The cyberspace prowess of Google is unquestionable. It can be aptly termed as the virtual super power even it’s ouster from the republic of china left its dominance over the cyber world undeterred. In such a situation, the expectations made of Google are quite ambitious but those expectations could never mow down Google. It’s an entity trustable to the last e. Therefore to cater to the ascending expectations of the cyber world at large, Google has thrown open another flashy and classy version of itself. The google+1.

This Google +1 was launched this year on March 30th, 2011 and it is a collective search feature which enables users to click”+1” on search results which will specify that they like an article or a web page.

Taking a cue from its constant adaptation and version to the speeding cyberspace, goolge+1 is a promising and potential search engine which zooms off at a click. The results show up before one blinks his eyes. It’s all in a flash, at the speed of light.

This Google +1 is a button, and you can put it any where on your page, at your preferred desired information area; it can be any thing which you can share on publically, in the most effective part of your link. Like if you want to recommend your articles, your drawings, even any cookery recipe will do; you can put the “+1” symbol at the starting and at the end of your page and the Google +1 is available in 40 languages; beat that.!

Google +1 is like an enormous shorthand, to find your friends contact, friend’s information , details or the best hub exploring  search stuff on net, when ever you want or your friends want at any time. You just need to do is put the “+1” mark or symbol on your favorite window which you want to share with all the people you know. Google +1 totally encourages you to post your information, ads, content matters etc on a social site or network which renders perspicacity to limitless innovation and thought process; you get a base a platform to put your ideas to the outer world.

For getting all these outstanding , great advantages rather benefits you need to have one major and an important thing, and that is you need to have a Google account, then this Google “+1” thing will work at your search tips.

Google +1 is totally a new experience to expand your friend circle and interests sphere and get a vast deeper knowledge on web. It makes your site stand out rather gives position and also recommends you in Google search. Isn’t it wonderful and interesting at the same time!!

The versatility if Google +1 is not bound to the tech savvy netizens around the globe but has proved it’s mettle by making itself usable for an amateur too. All it needs is just a click on +1 sign and it’s a kick start experience, skills, en-route to the inexplicable world of GOOGLE.

This Google +1 search results really helps and foster people to discover impregnable matters and content from a website , from Google search , or an ad; from those people who they know and trust.   It is an unperturbed quest in your mind to always tell the best to people you know; and this Google +1 helps you to reveal this thing.

Adding the +1 button to the page lets the users recommend your content, knowing that their friends and contacts will see their recommendation when it is most significant and relevant in the context of Google search results.

Google has given us a vast and a versatile concept; many are taking it as a competition with other social networks, but Google has its own parameters to seek.

It mollifies your interests, that you can share them with all the people. It also increases your sites performance as content recommended by friends and acquaintances is often more relevant than context from strangers,

The services provided by Google to Google +1 are just impeccable. You click it and you have it. Adding this Google +1 thing is very easy, as you just need to add a snippet code for Google +1.

Google +1 is a public search system mobile browsers wont be able to use it. Use it as in, they wont be able to see the Google +1 symbol. Google +1 is still on process to roll on the masses, but if you still want to try, you can opt for an experimental version, to check out its sociable and friendly process.

Google +1 concept is three times stronger than other websites. Muster your innovations and set forth for Google +1.

This post is written by:Purbita Sarkar (Search Value Team)

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