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Digital Marketing – A Viewpoint
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Before I go down into details and future of Digital Marketing, let me get you acquaintance with it. Every marketing activity which does not include printing comes under Digital Marketing. I have seen people considering Internet Marketing as Digital Marketing. This is wrong. Digital Marketing is much beyond Internet. Televisions, Radio, Mobile, Electronic Displays Banners, these all are the part of Digital Marketing.

But every product has a life cycle, so do a process and hence the current phase of digital marketing, on its life cycle, has left down the media like Televisions, Radio, etc and marketers focus only to the platform which provides quick feedback with instant reports. And still digital marketing is in growing phase, with the world tending towards mobiles, tablets, and other tech gadgets.

And for the reason, Digital Marketing, now-a-days, revolves around Internet as Internet is the only medium which connect all your platforms and devices together. Internet has made everything virtual, hence cost effective, handy, hence easily accessible and targeted, hence reaching to the niche target audience of your business. Due these attributes on Internet and Digital Marketing around it, a marketer has rightly defined Digital Marketing as, “Digital Marketing is the practice of promoting products and services using database-driven online distribution channels to reach consumers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner”.

With the online shopping boom, content farming, volcanic eruption of social media has changed the way we used to see Internet 10 years back. Now once again it is the time in Digital Marketing when you will see innovations and shift happening. With smartphones on boom and tablets rolling out, Internet has moved on to become a necessity, giving marketers the right place to reach their target audience in the most personalized manner.

As far Internet goes, Web 1.0 was a phase where Internet was a Read Only medium. You, I and others could only read what a company or a website wanted to say. Web 2.0 has been a phase where Internet is a Read/Write medium where people read and have their say on what they read. Social Media Sites are one of those examples where an individual can write and contribute his life and words on web. 2012 will see a new phase of Internet, Read/Write/Execute, where people will not only read and express their views but will collaborate with the publishers, companies to execute their thoughts and approach. One can notice such trends in blogs like Mashable and Social Media Examiner.

And hence the Digital Marketing will see its new phase with Internet. You will see Digital Marketing the most personalized ever it has been. It will be more human in nature. And of-course with mobiles and tablets, it will be more mobile as ever. You will see more and more applications rolling out for Mobiles. With new social media networks coming up, like, Foursquare, Pinterest and, it will more of location based and sharing based marketing. Content has always been the “King” for Digital Marketing, 2012 will see the content as an “Emperor”.


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