Search Value Blog: Digital Marketing Insights » Social Media Marketing Digital Marketing Insights Fri, 21 Jul 2017 10:37:27 +0000 en hourly 1 Steps for better social media planning Wed, 19 Feb 2014 15:07:23 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]> Media planning is an important part of every business organization. It helps in enhancing the identity as well as the productivity of the business. With the increase in the use of social platforms, now media planning is done accordingly. You can start creating social media planning strategies by keeping very basic steps in mind.

Targeting the right audience is the foremost step of social media planning. It helps in better identification of the brand among people. An attractive online profile with good description and pictures can be very helpful. It is best to use easy language and simple words to describe the unique features of your brand on social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. People who can relate with your brand would start following; this will help in knowing the likes and dislikes of the consumers regarding your products and services.

Once you target the consumers, the second step involves solving consumers’ queries. There will be many consumers who would be asking different types of questions related to your products or services. Some queries might just be related to their own business issues, so it is best to research properly before answering them. After analyzing the situation, you can provide a good reply with full information and details. As a reward, you will get more followers, who trust you for sharing relevant information.

Other than targeting and answering the queries, it is necessary to keep updating the page with appropriate content. The content should be related to your company’s products and services. It should be fresh, unique and easy to understand. Make sure that updates are done timely; you can write the content yourself or can hire someone for the same. A good media presence helps in enhancing the productivity of the business.

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Some easy ways for social media marketing plan Wed, 04 Dec 2013 14:42:24 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]>  

It is important to be very specific regarding the requirements of your social media marketing. It should contain all the information regarding your business and its objectives. Proper descriptions of all products and services should be given in detail; even the target audience should be specific. All this helps in planning a better social media marketing strategy.

You can also voice your product with the help of social media marketing by using proper promotion channels. In this case, the type of channel should be used after considering the target audience and their age, income, location, etc. All this helps in better promotion of your product in the market as well as your organization.

Think beyond the available programs; this helps in creating effective social media marketing plan. Be specific to your goals for attaining better results; with the help of social metrics, you can identify them properly. By planning new marketing programs, demands for products can be created by engaging customers with effective promotions.

Be very specific while selecting the social tools for your product’s media marketing. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are the best sites for promoting your product. They help in creating traffic and promoting the business in better ways; you can select them according to your requirements and goals.

Content plays a very crucial role in media marketing. It should be engaging to attract reader’s interest and convey the product’s features and benefits. The content should be updated regularly to get maximum user response. Using proper keywords and avoiding the duplicate content can create positive promotions. By using social metrics, you can keep a check on your site’s position on search engines.

The above mentioned points can help in promoting your product as well as business in excellent ways. You can understand the importance of social media marketing plans and can select the best methods to gain success in the completion market.

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Social media marketing and different strategies Thu, 11 Jul 2013 13:49:06 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]> Social media marketing can help you in generating the best results. It plays a very important role in branding online campaigns by offering unique marketing strategies. You can become successful by following the development plans properly. Here, we will talk about the popular social media marketing strategies in detail.

Concentrate on the target audience: The most important thing is to understand the target audience; it is an important strategy of any social media marketing. You should take proper steps to learn the habits of the audience properly so that decisions can be made easily for betterment.

Changing visitors into customers: There are many people who just visit the site; make personal connections with them. Permit them to be in contact with you, and grab their attention by offering good posts. This will attract them and will help in converting them into customers.

Offer informational solutions to the customers: This is one of the best ways to build good relations with customers. You can offer solutions for the issues related to your product and company. Post informational content for getting the best results.

Stay focused: You must follow this strategy, as it is very essential to stay focused all the time. For better growth of the company, make sure that you achieve the targets within deadlines. Concentrate and focus on the functionality for getting the best results.

Using receptiveness and transparency: Transparency is needed for engaging different individuals on the site; send informational as well as promotional messages. Try to fix all the problems instantly; this will help in increase in the number of customers.

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Social Media Marketing: Advantages and disadvantages of this popular mode Thu, 14 Mar 2013 07:18:46 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]> Social media marketing is becoming very popular; it is one of the best ways to convey messages to the targeted customers in the competitive market. This method has many advantages and disadvantages, and it’s very important to know the right way to use this mode. There are many social media experts who offer these services for evaluating the business requirements.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the most popular platforms used for doing social media marketing. They offer various options like creating page, character posts, etc. Even blog options are available for spreading detailed information about the specific product or service. Every business can promote itself by using these platforms. It’s essential to know all techniques so that better results can be achieved through social media marketing.

Social Media Platforms


Social media marketing is very cost effective; most of these platforms are free to access. One can easily create profiles, share information to the target market without spending much cash. The best part is that the target audience, who is interested in the specific products or services, joins or follows the site. Some sites offer pay-per-click advertisements and help in reaching correct audience. Thus, through social media marketing, information can be shared with the larger number of people at a very short span of time.


The biggest disadvantage of social media marketing is that it needs frequent updates. It’s very important to have experts who can handle this medium. Information regarding products and services should be updated time to time; new ideas should be used for better publicity otherwise the marketing fails. This process of updating is a continuous process; duplicity should be avoided as it’s unacceptable in media world. Overall, if updates are not done on time by using right keywords, the marketing process cannot take place.

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The Future of Social Media Services Fri, 04 Jan 2013 14:23:40 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]>

With the end in the 2012 marketing season, we are all gearing up for the coming year. This year, we have already used the platforms and tools for B2B and B2C. But, now we need to change the techniques for getting more effective results. There are many questions on marketer’s mind: What will be the new strategies? How to execute them? Budget?, etc. For getting the answers, check out the social media glossary and plan out your 2013 social media marketing strategies accordingly.

Social CRM

If your business is on a social platform, make sure that you utilize it for better development. Social CRM has applications for customer support, market research, brand reputation management and idea management. Make proper plans; prepare the staff for handling customer service inquiries. Make the best use of Social CRM services, technology and techniques to engage the customer in a cooperative conversation.


Mobile phones are no longer used just for making calls, the SoMo (social mobile) have emerged with new marketing strategies. Smart phones help in keeping all the information. You can stay connected with anyone; make internet searches, calls, text messaging, etc. However, more people are using these Smartphone; you have to think of better mobile marketing techniques. Use them for promoting your business; get engaged with more customers, use video and photo marketing strategies.

The future

The future of social media is in our hands, we can create digital brands via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blogging and Pinterest. In the coming year, the mass media and social media will get more integrated with different platforms and devices. Customers will use more SoMo services; you will find an increase in the connections and communications. Customers will keep creating new profiles; even small groups will emerge for brand identity on social networks. The most important thing is to take innovative steps by utilizing all the tools of social media marketing.

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Role and realms of Micro blogging in Search Engine Marketing Thu, 08 Nov 2012 06:33:52 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]> What are micro-blogging sites?

The blog that allow users to publish short text updates are called micro blogs. It is an altered blogging behavior where you can publish small content from your mobile, IM or through micro blogging site. It is presented in various forms on web like stumbleupon, delicious, and flicker. Every website has its own features and updates status messages in their own way e.g. twitter updates status messages and followed by number of people, yelp adds a review on subjects and so on. There are many micro-blogging sites which are being used to upgrade your website.

Websites for micro blogging:

Twitter, Tumblr, friendfeed, Plurk and, Daily booth are micro blogging sites and Twitter is one of the best and most widely used sites as a micro blog. The micro blogs puts up short content and it does not makes reader feel bored of reading those short pieces of contents. The minimal commitment and concise content is the appealing factor of micro-blogging sites. The blogger assures content’s aptitude when reader leaves a comment on his content. This makes him continue to post more content and ideas to get feedback. The micro content becomes the fuel for micro blogging sites with short and precise comments.

Why micro blogging is plugged with search engine marketing? 

The sole online tools for company’s enhancement are SEO and SEM. The promotional and optimization approach is also shifting to social media marketing (SMM), which is an integral part of Search Engine Marketing.

Social media and social sites are becoming the need of an hour for the recognition of your online visibility. Thus, it makes SEO analysts to elevate and cite the website on other websites too. The social media sites are gaining too much of edge and it becomes now important to focus a part of your business towards it.

Twitter has become an unmatched marketing tool for SMM and it has phenomenally rise Micro blogging to far extent. Twitter provides “everyday wins” practice to the bloggers along with “real time search results”.

The recognition of micro-blogging makes it certain for an Internet Marketer to incorporate it with accessible promotional and brand marking activities.

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