I lost my rankings since 17th Jan 2013, what I did wrong? | Google Panda 24

Posted By: Sachin Bansal  

Google revealed a Panda update #24 on 22nd January; this is Google’s first update of 2013. Though, ranking of websites across the globe were affected since 17th January but the final public declaration came on 22nd Jan from Google. This time Google waited for 5 days to to completely roll out the update to be effective throughout the internet.

SEO fundamentals to get your site started

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Search Engine Optimization has become a very crucial part of every business organization. It is the best way to enhance your website’s traffic and ranking. By using SEO services, your site’s appearance on search-result pages of web visitors gets increased. Some basic SEO fundamentals can help in achieving good rankings.

Monitor your position: Your SEO efforts can get wasted, if you do not monitor your position in the internet market. It is necessary to keep a check on page rank and referrer log for tracking the site visitants.

Five easy and best SEO tips for 2013

Posted By: Sachin Bansal
The year 2012 was full of so many ups and downs. The Penguin update, 13 Panda updates and many other low-quality domains developed. The results were not so impressive, the rankings were average. The New Year 2013 will bring more such updates for sure. With change in the tactics and use of new ideas can bring better results in the field of SEO.

1. Diversify Your Marketing: This year was full of different trends of marketing, which helped in better deployment of strategies. Various tricks and techniques were used as a trap for the consumers. For next year, it is important to stop taking the shortcuts. Try to come up with unique and exciting ideas. Proper proposition and high quality content will naturally help in easy marketing.

Link Building strategies for new Internet Marketers

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Internet has already brought numerous revolutionary trends besides benefits to business world in field of internet marketing. These revolutionary innovations majorly include internet marketing and link building techniques. Basically, internet marketing is the process of advertising products over link building. It involves boosting website traffic through the cycle of customer management through search engine marketing techniques.

To increase the visibility of your website, link building is quite important since it help to increase the page rankings of your website. The most legitimate backlinks brings higher rankings in search engines. Also, it helps to get your websites indexed to search engine bots.

Latest link building techniques post Penguin update

Posted By: Sachin Bansal There have been a lot of changes over a short period of time concerning Google that spelt a doom to some of the webmasters with new algorithm updates. With this Google new Penguin update, the websites started falling down ranking like lost military in battleground. Indeed, this update is very effective in dumping the spam sites.

From last few years, many SEO agencies were building links with certain methods. With this update, the link building techniques have changed their way to a bit technical path and the webmasters implementing these strategies would be able to make their potential mark in internet marketing in future. Webmasters must initiate the process to stay ahead of the game while building links. They need to “whiten their hat” while applying link building techniques and rethink on their SEO strategies.