Search Value Blog: Digital Marketing Insights » Internet Marketing Digital Marketing Insights Fri, 21 Jul 2017 10:37:27 +0000 en hourly 1 Some of the best ways to gain customers with mobile marketing Thu, 21 Nov 2013 05:41:49 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]> Mobile marketing has become one of the best ways to advertise your products and services in best ways. It helps in getting more customers as nowadays everyone is more focused in using Smartphone than any other devices. Thus, by using different ways of marketing, you can increase the number of customers on your site and can develop the business in better ways:

Text messaging is one of the best ways of doing mobile marketing. You can get more customers looking out for your database by texting them offers which are hard to deny.

MMS (multi-media messaging) is almost like text messaging but in this you can also send pictures, videos, sounds, etc. This makes the mobile marketing more interesting and useful.

Mobile advertising is also becoming very popular as everyone is using mobile nowadays. You can place different advertisements on mobile content websites, which helps in attracting more customers.

Mobile applications are something that is used by every Smartphone holder. You can create different apps and use them for generating more customer base. People can easily find you through searching the app stores and by downloading your app easily. You can also send different offers through these apps.

Mobile e-mail can also help in mobile marketing as you can ask your customers to subscribe through mails. This helps you in sending more information with graphics, coupons and other things in detail through mails.

Voice messages are an interactive system of creating more number of customers. You can start calling your customers for providing information, offers and various coupon codes, which can help in generating good business.

Mobile search helps in finding out the products or services which are located near you. So make sure that customers find you easily during the mobile search with proper landmarks, maps, addresses, etc.

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Internet marketing for successful businesses Fri, 30 Nov 2012 15:11:02 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]> Internet marketing, being referred to website marketing, is a second-largest promotional channel for classified ads across the world. Right next to TV commercial, SMEs are working out on internet promotion due to this opportunity. The marketing and advertising along with website promotion are very common internet marketing trends which are generally the most in demand marketing pursuits today. These facilities have made corporations to acquire maximum exposure in their local areas. The growth of a company does not only depends upon leveraging search options but you need explore every channel to get attention.

Let us discuss here some of those platforms to leverage for growth at this point:

Search Engine Marketing: SEM is a very vast internet marketing platform through which helps you to promote your online business. There are many inbound methods to promote your online business like:

Social Media Optimization: Social Media Optimization is a method of optimizing your website to make it popular among social media networks.  This optimization is considerably done to attract more visitors to your website to gain more traffic as it easily spreads your message and personalize your profile to match your personal branding. There are many websites like Facebook, twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn who act as a marketing tool. Now, it is your duty to select websites very carefully that will make your website content reach the maximum amount of readers.

Comment marketing: Blog commenting is another good way to promote your online business. It helps to build back-links by commenting on do follow pr blogs. When you comment, then your informative suggestions to others help you in branding your business.

Forum posting: Forum posting is just like same as article submissions which in turn gains a link back to your website. This time you need to comment on forums and help people in getting solutions to their problems.

Social bookmarking: Improve your website visibility and popularity by posting of title and short description along with your website URL. Submissions to reliable social networks results in easy access of online visitors. It creates strong online presence and thus helps in branding your online business.

Most of the internet analysts warranty an ongoing consultation services along with reporting for final results. This helps in keeping track of the success rate at every feasible stage.  Internet has entirely changed its meaning for accomplishing your goals in market industry. Thus, online services assure you to flourish in branding your business and exhilarating new trend of marketing.

These above mentioned internet marketing techniques make their way to brand your business still there are some efforts to be made which makes your customers believe that you are a real marketer and certainly you will bring their business to the success level if once they get connected to you.

Be real: You must have a portfolio of your previous experiences if you are looking for good projects. You must get involved locally to get your company know by people. Online community always makes a great way to show your presence in your local area as well as global. If you are doing some marketing projects then you must make sure that clients connected to you are well satisfied from your work so that furthermore they can recommend your work to someone else.

Be endearing: Make a trustworthy note to your brand with being very likable and lovable among your customers. If it’s not trustworthy, it’s not real and if it’s not real then nobody would love to connect to your brand. You logo must be recognized or believed by people to make smart dealings and trading with you. Hence make sure, you must make a trustworthy note make it a win-win situation.

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Link relationships with Micro blogging sites Thu, 15 Nov 2012 13:35:58 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]> Many viral marketing strategies have been hitting internet marketing business but out of those strategies micro blogging tops the list in case of link relationships. In fact people are using micro blogging for the enhancement of their online businesses. Micro blog becomes the best bet if you don’t have time or resources to run a blog. No yardstick is required to compare micro blogging to traditional blogging. It makes difference by creating a large community of followers. Micro blogging platforms support fortune from big companies like Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku and Mysay.

Micro blogging sites for link relationships:

Twitter: Biggest micro blogging site for link relationships is Twitter. This popular micro blog grow every 100% new users in one season. The website has been growing at a tremendous rate still the user volume is yet small as compared to Myspace. If this website gets a clean interface then users can set up and start twittering more easily.

Plurk: Plurk is another biggest micro blogging website. It has clearer interface than Twitter and also has a visual timeline interface, which shows your plurks you have been following on your time sheet-style screen. However, it is bit complex to use than twitter but appeals more when once you become used to it.

Jaiku: Jaiku is an omnipresent version of micro blogging. The new users have been beta testing their latest version and thus thi is website is more close to new users and appeals with a nice map interface.

Powance: This website is more similar to Twitter in look and feel but have more capabilities and functions in terms of sharing files and events. The character limit is more than those of other sites and allows adding more details to your posts.

Spoink: This website is best for newcomers who prefer using mobile rather than laptops/desktops and promote micro blogging wherever you happen to be. The pod-casting ability from anywhere makes it different from others.

Micro-blogging helping businesses:

It presents a stellar way to build awareness and establish expertise of your business activities. When you regularly post something related to your business subject then it helps in building brand through these regular posts. Thus, it helps to expand the reach of your service and thus spread your word as quick as possible.

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Google Freshness Update – What it means for your brand? Sat, 12 Nov 2011 11:47:44 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]> What is this Google Freshness Update?

What are your thoughts on the latest freshness update? How do you think it will affect large brands? Could brands use this to their advantage by creating content around a hot topic or event to generate a short-term traffic boost?

Recently Google released another algorithm update, which has affected 35% of searches. This newly named ‘freshness update‘ is built on the ‘caffeine update’, which was launched last year.

The latest algorithm content upholds the following:

  • Shows the lasted information on hot topics, breaking news and trending stories
  • Identify the very latest information on product releases, information product and reviews and
  • Provides the latest information on regular and upcoming events including General Elections, concerts, Olympics and more

What it means for your Brand?

The majority of brands don’t have a significant effect on their current rankings, especially those that are targeting very generic terms like “tents” and “car insurance”. These terms are not generally in the news or terms that would be considered hot topics but are more in research queries.

The issue is of the brand’s targeting on the key phrases that are constantly producing new content, such as releases and product reviews. Brand needs to devise a content strategy around specific product keywords to ensure that the very latest information is available to the user. The traffic is generated and might provide links to help the page sustain some rankings in the future, which also creates an increase in revenue from new visitors.

All this at the moment is theory, but could it be potentially used as a short term tactic! We all are keen to know.

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Comparison of Internet as a Marketing Medium with other media Sat, 18 Oct 2008 07:52:54 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]> Internet is powerful, we have heard of this phrase so many times. But what does it really mean. And why we believe in power of Internet as a marketing medium. So much so that all of us working in the company have chosen this to make our career in this service area.

Zero Start Cost – Literally zero

If you know how to purchase the stuff online, you are pretty well equipped to do Internet Marketing.You know your product, great, why don’t write a Press release on “How your product can benefit?” . Find a good forum which users generally refer. Submit your article or press release or a product review with a link for your site. People can judge if it’s a genuine article, as you can. And yes if you can write about it and submit you can sow the seeds of great traffic coming to your website.

Yeah, you just did some great stuff which for years will keep on sending a targeted stream of visitor to your site. Trust, some of the aspects of Internet marketing are this simple. And how much did it costed you – an hour of your efforts.

But can you do the same in any other traditional medium be it electronic or print or brochures. Answer is no.

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Productive Marketing Method Thu, 26 Jun 2008 10:49:51 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]> Internet marketing has turned out to be the most effectual method for promoting a product or service in the contemporary period. As a matter of fact, the process has become not only cogent, but also trenchant, and all the more cost-effective. As this is the realistic picture of modern day marketing scene, it will be very easy to compute the probable future figures, because, millions of individuals are joining the stream of regular internet users every year; without a shade of doubt it can be said that internet marketing will certainly remain in the ‘top of the layer’ position, among the cluster of diverse marketing methods, in the coming years also.

All types of promotional works are primarily special tasks that are specially carried out for attaining some premeditated objectives, and that too, in a clear-cut and fruitful fashion. To put it in a short and snappy manner, attracting the attention of the desired segments of prospective customers is the key function of all styles and breeds of advertisement campaigns. For attaining this achievement in its entirety, there is the requirement of a bunch of connected services, starting from the conceptualization point, to the final follow-up activities; another imperative factor is that, all these connected functions should be performed in eye-catching ways and in a systematic manner.

There are various types of internet marketing services like ‘search engine optimization’, ‘social media optimization’, ‘reputation management’, ‘PPC’, ‘mobile marketing’, ‘brand management’ etc. Each of these processes involves various key functions, without which it won’t stand or function properly. The main functions that comes under SEO are ‘review’, ‘On’ and ‘Off’ page optimizations, building ‘links’, using various ‘social media’ platforms and finally, ‘reporting’. As far as the process of optimization through ‘social media’ is concerned, generating ‘profiles’ is very much significant. The usefulness of diverse ‘press release’ sites and article directories can be used for this method. Utilizing the efficacies of ‘You-tube’, ‘PPT’, ‘social book marking’, various forums and blogs are also part of social media marketing.

‘Brand management’ is considered as one of the priority segments in the present day marketing approaches. The general public should be made aware of the presence and value of the company, and only then the organization will be able to procure the desired edge, in a competitive environment. This can be done through writing articles, blogs, forum commenting and through various social media profile creations.

Mobile marketing is highly effective these days, because of the growth of the mobile phone field. The advent of low-priced Smartphones has made things much more favorable. Some of the top internet marketing companies also perform activities like media consulting. They will be highly competent in performing activities like media planning and media buying. It is very easy to locate such companies; just use the effectiveness of your computer or Smartphone and conduct a good search. Certainly you will be able to find out companies like search value, who will be able to identify your actual requirements. Make use of the talents and expertise of such internet marketing service companies and enrich your business prospects.

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