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What are your thoughts on the latest freshness update? How do you think it will affect large brands? Could brands use this to their advantage by creating content around a hot topic or event to generate a short-term traffic boost?

Recently Google released another algorithm update, which has affected 35% of searches. This newly named ‘freshness update‘ is built on the ‘caffeine update’, which was launched last year.

The latest algorithm content upholds the following:

  • Shows the lasted information on hot topics, breaking news and trending stories
  • Identify the very latest information on product releases, information product and reviews and
  • Provides the latest information on regular and upcoming events including General Elections, concerts, Olympics and more

What it means for your Brand?

The majority of brands don’t have a significant effect on their current rankings, especially those that are targeting very generic terms like “tents” and “car insurance”. These terms are not generally in the news or terms that would be considered hot topics but are more in research queries.

The issue is of the brand’s targeting on the key phrases that are constantly producing new content, such as releases and product reviews. Brand needs to devise a content strategy around specific product keywords to ensure that the very latest information is available to the user. The traffic is generated and might provide links to help the page sustain some rankings in the future, which also creates an increase in revenue from new visitors.

All this at the moment is theory, but could it be potentially used as a short term tactic! We all are keen to know.

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AdWords Conversion Optimizer Expands Eligibility Thu, 16 Oct 2008 09:09:12 +0000 Sachin Bansal Continue reading ]]> On 13th Oct, Google has announced the availability of Conversion Optimizer to many more campaigns. Now, advertisers with campaigns using AdWords Conversion Tracking with at least 50 conversions in the last 30 days are eligible to use the Conversion Optimizer for better performance of their AdWords campaign.

Earlier, conversion optimizer was available for the campaigns with at least 100 conversions in the last 30 days.

This is really a very helpful service offered by Google AdWords which saves the time and efforts made in constantly monitoring and adjusting the CPC bids. Here, we just have to set the max CPA, and Conversion Optimizer monitors and adjusts the CPC bids based on the CPA goal. And the most interesting aspect of this is that it is totally FREE!

The Conversion Optimizer automates the CPC bid management process. The Conversion Optimizer automatically monitors and adjusts your bids in order to get more conversions at a lower cost by making adjustments based on the likelihood of a conversion in each ad auction.

The Conversion Optimizer uses real time performance data to adjust the bids for better performance. Also, because the Conversion Optimizer chooses a new CPC bid for each auction, we only spend money on the sites and search queries where our ads are likely to get conversions.

So, if you are running a small advertising campaign with low budget & getting 50 conversions in last 30 days then you can also save your time & increase profit with the help of Conversion Optimizer.

You should surely try the Conversion Optimizer which is available at no cost to you.

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