Online reputation management – Important aspect to consider

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Online reputation management helps in understanding the willingness of customers to get associated with a particular brand, product or services. The main aim of ORM strategy is to help customers by offering best possible solutions. Many people enjoy social networking sites as they give them a space to communicate their opinions or views. One can get feedbacks on company’s product and services and can also advertise about new launches. Detailed information regarding your company's actions can also be given. Thus, online reputation management can help in various ways.
  • It helps in understanding the consumer’s need in much better ways.
  • Increases business opportunities in online market by creating positive image of the company.
  • Reduces the total cost of marketing by learning new ways to reach customers and spending less money.
  • New products can be developed by considering the market needs and profitable sectors.
  • It helps in enhancing customer satisfaction level by getting the positive as well as negative feedbacks on product or services.
It is very necessary to save the company’s domain name. For example, if the company’s name is Fun Watch, then it’s important to have domain name as ‘’. This helps in keeping its name at a higher position on search engines. With the increase in the use of social networking sites, it is very necessary to have a company profile. A good social media page can help in getting more customers; make sure that the page contains all the important features, pictures and other details about the company. Also, make regular updates by using fresh content; put backlinks to the site for increasing ranks. ORM helps in creating good brand image but it’s very important to maintain it by putting real efforts. Don't wait for negative content; be sure that high work standards are maintained every time. ORM helps every type of business in practicing ethical and profitable strategies.

W. Bengal Government on a Hunt for Online Media Monitoring Agency

Posted By: Sachin Bansal
With so much of happening in the online sphere, the Government of Bengal is also making its initiative to be a part of it. It is reported that Government of West Bengal is on a lookout for a private agency that will scan the entire online sphere for any topic related to it.

It is assumed that the mentioned scanning will cover the Searches, website content and of course! Social Networking sites too will be a part of it. This is indeed a micro image management step taken by W. Bengal’s government.

Tips to manage online reputation of your business

Posted By: Sachin Bansal For getting good business, it’s important to enhance your company's reputation in the market. While searching, people should find positive posts and reviews about your company. Bad reputation can cost in terms of customers, sales and partners. Online reputation management is the best way to protect your brand’s name; it helps in monitoring the negative stuff. Optimize the content appropriately for giving you the best results for all the efforts. Here are some very basic tips for managing online reputation.

Optimize the most from your company’s name