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Blog – Managing and SEO
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

You have blog and you made few posts and you are happy about it. This has been an easy task. Isn’t it?  But the thing that follows is the real test of a dedicated blogger and that is “Managing and SEO of the Blog”
Managing of a Blog is the main task that requires continuous monitoring and a good deal of time. If you want to have a good readership for your blog then you have to manage it effectively apart from making good posts.
The basic managing factors of a blog are:

1. Appropriate Domain Name: Choose the theme oriented domain name
2. Content Length: Keep your content optimal in length
3. Choose the Right Theme: Be Theme oriented
4. Quality Content: Provide Quality Content to the readers
5. Timeliness: Be On time (daily/weekly)
6. Be Clear: Be clear in your expression of thoughts
7. Be Unique: Be unique in your content (No Duplicity)
8. Follow a planned regimen: Stick to one topic per post
9. Post Follow-up comments: Follow up comments to keep the conversation going on

Above mentioned are the management factors that one must keep in mind to keep maintain the efficiency of your blog.
Managing a blog becomes more important when you have a large number of audience/ visitors to cater to.  And to gather the like minded reader you must SEO your blog in order to get your blog to those people who are looking for the topics that you love to write (both personal and professional).

SEO for Blogs

Making your blog SEO compatible gives appropriate exposure to your blog and increases the chances of being read by your prospective audience.

Some major tweaks that you can perform on your blog to make it SEO compatible are:

1. TITLE Tags Optimization: Start practice of using TITLE tags in your Titles (if you edit your blog in HTML)
2. Tagging Posts: Tagging posts with the related keywords helps in easy indexing of the blog post by the Search Engines.
3. Use URL as per the Title of the Posts: Keep the URL of your blog as per the title of the post so that the Search Engine and the user get the idea about the post.
4. Be Keyword Oriented: Be keywords oriented in your approach, try to include keywords in:

•Post and the Page Title
•URL of the Post
•Outbound Links (Link Building)
•Heading of the posts
•In the ALT tags of images
•Throughout the content in appropriate density
•Meta tags of the pages

5. Link Building: Generating an efficient links web around your blog makes the blog favorite to Search Engines and the users. Generating links for the blogs can be done in the following manner:

•Quality Content Postings
•Guest Blog Posts
•Directories Submissions
•Link Exchange Program
•Effective Internal Linking

These are some of the methods which you can utilize to generate awareness about your blog and keeping it alive in the minds of your readers, so that they re-visit your blog for information and for the impressive hospitality through effective management of the blog.

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