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Article Marketing: A new buzzword as old as the hills
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Article Marketing the Buzzword

Web gurus will aver that ‘article marketing’ is the new buzzword in internet business circles. Oh really?! For article marketing is as old as the hills. Or at least long as the print medium has been around. Ask any revered greyhead and they are likely to recount having come across any number of pull outs, bulletins or ‘advertorials’ while sitting down with their favorite daily. Businesses have long been known to take advantage of the free space made available to them by newspapers. A fashion retail house might, for instance, get their PR personnel to do a write up on the latest fashion before launching a new label or brand.

In many ways, article marketing stands to benefit businesses more than advertisements. For one thing it is more cost effective than a one-line advertisement and also packs in more information along with essential details like contact numbers, email address etc.

Article marketing on the web works on the same principle, more or less, as traditional advertorial marketing. Today, businesses discreetly promote their goods and services over, what are known as, ‘article directories’.  The latter are actually websites where articles are submitted to be cataloged and classified according to their niche. The article directories then allow other links to be embedded depending on the anchor text.

Getting your article printed on a niche blog is what article marketing is aimed at. Well written articles, even guest blogs, attracts good traffic which is what internet entrepreneurs working on limited budgets look for.

But like all good things there is a convex to this. Many internet marketing wizards like Jill Whalen of High Rankings loathe the practice of article marketing simply for the sake of building links. While there is a kernel of truth in the argument, as spam loading can actually act as a deterrent and undervalue perfectly sound content, article marketing is a great way of acquiring high SEO rankings and attracting traffic. Do bear in mind, though, that weak articles can actually redound on you with strongly adverse results. Continual upgrade in terms of relevant information in crisp and concise language is your best bet. Article writing for the web is certainly not the same as newspaper feature writing. Sentences need to be short but catchy. The same could be said with regard to paragraphs.

A major rule of article writing is keeping reader interest alive without which you cannot generate hits, no matter how strong your content is.

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