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And comes the “Search Engines”
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

The Internet industry has evolved. It has gradually integrated in our daily lives. The aspect of internet has become so vast that getting hold of any precise data has gone out of proportions. Then arrived the “Search Engines”, to ease out the growing difficulties.

The usage of search engine has become quite enormous. To clear all the confusion, Search engine is an internet search tool that helps you to find out the information you are looking for over the internet. It explores the documents according to the primary word you have typed in a search engine and after it processes the word it returns with an end result.

At present, the business of search engine has been under the command of few companies, such as, Yahoo, MSN (Microsoft Network) and Google. In the latest findings regarding the usage of search engine it has been found out that people in excess of 2.5 billion to three billion visit internet everyday to discover information on the web.

The utilization of search engines for searching purposes is one of the priority activities of the net surfers. Internet users are of the opinion that whenever they have implemented their particular keyword in search engine they have always got the requisite result.

Recently, a national survey was carried out by an American company amongst 1400 internet users. The outcome of the survey gave following facts:

* More than eighty percent of the respondents have utilized the services of search engines. According to the survey, at least half of them uses search engine on a daily basis and over 20 users uses internet two to three times a week.
* If we categorize the activities that take place on the internet, utilization of search engine comes at a second place after Electronic Mail (e-mail).
* More and more techniques are being integrated into the search engine industry so as to facilitate the entire process for the internet surfers. Most of the people who use search engine are of the opinion that whenever they hit the search engine for any sort of information, they are able to obtain 99% correct information pertaining to that particular keyword.
* Nearly 40% of the entire search activities were performed from the home PCs’ and just about four and a half searches of different kinds were conducted on an average.
* In succession, a standard user of the search engine spent nearly 30 to 50 minutes on the searching activities.
* Virtually, five to seven percent of the web searches took place via toolbars that are attached to the browser being utilized by the user.

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