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AdWords Conversion Optimizer Expands Eligibility
Posted By: Sachin Bansal

On 13th Oct, Google has announced the availability of Conversion Optimizer to many more campaigns. Now, advertisers with campaigns using AdWords Conversion Tracking with at least 50 conversions in the last 30 days are eligible to use the Conversion Optimizer for better performance of their AdWords campaign.

Earlier, conversion optimizer was available for the campaigns with at least 100 conversions in the last 30 days.

This is really a very helpful service offered by Google AdWords which saves the time and efforts made in constantly monitoring and adjusting the CPC bids. Here, we just have to set the max CPA, and Conversion Optimizer monitors and adjusts the CPC bids based on the CPA goal. And the most interesting aspect of this is that it is totally FREE!

The Conversion Optimizer automates the CPC bid management process. The Conversion Optimizer automatically monitors and adjusts your bids in order to get more conversions at a lower cost by making adjustments based on the likelihood of a conversion in each ad auction.

The Conversion Optimizer uses real time performance data to adjust the bids for better performance. Also, because the Conversion Optimizer chooses a new CPC bid for each auction, we only spend money on the sites and search queries where our ads are likely to get conversions.

So, if you are running a small advertising campaign with low budget & getting 50 conversions in last 30 days then you can also save your time & increase profit with the help of Conversion Optimizer.

You should surely try the Conversion Optimizer which is available at no cost to you.

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