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5 reasons to follow the – ‘Nofollow’

Posted By: Sachin Bansal With numerous sentinel and watch guard updates from Search Engine giants like Google these days, it would be great if SEO marketers did stick around to policies ‘which pleased’ the Search Engines, now when I say ‘please’, I do not mean that you are to do something extra to be in their good books, but adhere to something which already existed and make sensible use of the same.

Introducing the ‘No Follow’ –  How it started?   & what is it?

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft in 2005, apprehended wrongs like content spamming, misuse of paid links etc and brought out this tag, well technically not a tag but an attribute “No follow” which is used, to tell a search engine that a particular link to a website is not a vote to that site, from the site which has that link.

For example, Website A has a link x which directs to a Website B

How to Generate Leads, through Plain and Simple Content Marketing?

Posted By: Sachin Bansal As a marketer I meet many clients who approach me and want me to help them sell something which they have either created or are offering as a service. On introducing the concept of Content Marketing to them, is when I get to see a lot of puzzled faces, which is why I actually thought of writing this post.

Before I begin I would like to know, how often do we stumble upon the simpler concepts of life? and we wonder and maybe agonize too, on how we ignored them for so long, when we could have leveraged those to the hilt!

The Inbound Marketing Process Infographic

Posted By: Sachin Bansal Inbound marketing is an approach which focuses on entice visitors using content and synergy the relevant actions. It is a form of pull marketing wherein you create content focused on your ideal customer, he finds you and your interaction starts.

As soon as this journey starts, you engage them through multiple touch-points (email is the best one). The whole process collectively is called inbound marketing. It is the most cost-effective ways to convert strangers into visitor and customers. Further make them your brand promoters!

Here is an infographic which depicts the inbound journey, it's phases and all involved activities.

Whoosh! Another Google Update Rocket, oh! It’s hitting the Keyword Banner!

Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Head reeling, eyes rolling are common symptoms of a Google update syndrome, and with what Google has hit the digital market recently the effect has managed to raise quite a panic, Secured Searches stamped as permanent feature, but it’s not like something we didn’t see coming, I mean it was happening since two years, so it was kind of inevitable.

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5 reasons to follow the – ‘Nofollow’
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