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5 reasons to follow the – ‘Nofollow’

Posted By: Sachin Bansal With numerous sentinel and watch guard updates from Search Engine giants like Google these days, it would be great if SEO marketers did stick around to policies ‘which pleased’ the Search Engines, now when I say ‘please’, I do not mean that you are to do something extra to be in their good books, but adhere to something which already existed and make sensible use of the same.

Introducing the ‘No Follow’ –  How it started?   & what is it?

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft in 2005, apprehended wrongs like content spamming, misuse of paid links etc and brought out this tag, well technically not a tag but an attribute “No follow” which is used, to tell a search engine that a particular link to a website is not a vote to that site, from the site which has that link.

For example, Website A has a link x which directs to a Website B

How to Generate Leads, through Plain and Simple Content Marketing?

Posted By: Sachin Bansal As a marketer I meet many clients who approach me and want me to help them sell something which they have either created or are offering as a service. On introducing the concept of Content Marketing to them, is when I get to see a lot of puzzled faces, which is why I actually thought of writing this post.

Before I begin I would like to know, how often do we stumble upon the simpler concepts of life? and we wonder and maybe agonize too, on how we ignored them for so long, when we could have leveraged those to the hilt!

Whoosh! Another Google Update Rocket, oh! It’s hitting the Keyword Banner!

Posted By: Sachin Bansal

Head reeling, eyes rolling are common symptoms of a Google update syndrome, and with what Google has hit the digital market recently the effect has managed to raise quite a panic, Secured Searches stamped as permanent feature, but it’s not like something we didn’t see coming, I mean it was happening since two years, so it was kind of inevitable.

Google lashes out on Mugshot extortion!

Posted By: Sachin Bansal

In the corporate jungle, there are all kinds of sound. There are sounds which alert for a threat, sounds for an upcoming opportunity and what not? With every entity resonating something or the other, trusting that, what it echoed would bring back benefits in one way or the other. Twitter a little blue bird which keeps hopping to different parts of the jungle tweeting what others have told her to, and she does the needful.

However what one doesn’t realize is that, the bird tweets in whatever you tell her to, an invisible yet conspicuous disclosure is what is tagged to the bird and we need to make sure, whatever we tell it, is making the correct business sense, yet there have been few companies whose tweets have given them more than just a bad review but also a bad industry reputation.

Exhibit A

Tagging to the Popular!


When Habitat UK a furniture store made it to twitter, they  thought they could rain maximum traffic   using that day’s top searched hashtags with their “totally unrelated” tweets as seen above. That caused a lot of foul cry let alone benefit them.

We are going to Dennytheallnightr, but hey! you are not Denny!, and why am I in Taiwan?


Denny’s menu maker thought it was ok to put “” instead of “” as their twitter address on their  menu. Denny is a Taiwanese guy and we don’t know if he serves ‘Senior Country-Fried Steak’!

 #Cairo #burn @kennethcole


Amidst a revolution in Cairo, where as stated millions were in uproar, Kenneth Cole thought it could leverage on the same to highlight its new spring collection. ‘You know, you are not gonna sell like this, you are just making us mad!’. Kenneth Cole did apologize for his not so funny joke!

 Irony unravelled via the F – Bomb!


Seriously, I mean seriously. No words for that fiasco!

 Hope there is no twitter in the heaven!


Yes and if there is! Well you are not getting any appreciation Microsoft, from her. Trying to sell something in guise of remembering someone, NO SELL on this Microsoft!

So, we can definitely acknowledge the fact that one needs to guide their tweets in an appropriate manner, for this one needs to be updated, no not just with what are the current happenings! But how are those relating to your tweets, far gone are the days when people thought twitter or any other Social Media Service was trivial or can be just “left to someone” one needs a responsible and creative person who can juxtapose between various elements of social media and is building content to utmost relevance.

For this some business outsource their Social Media needs to specialized Social Media Management agencies who can effectively handle your company’s image in today’s social media centric scenario.

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5 reasons to follow the – ‘Nofollow’
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